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How Do You Make the Most Out of the Time with Your Horse?

How do you make the most of the time you have to spend with your horse? I’d like you to take a moment and think about your answer… when you are with your horse or practicing your riding, what makes you feel as if it was time well spent? Time is our most valuable resource,

One Simple Warm Up Exercise to Start Your Ride

There is one thing we could all use more of – time! Especially when it comes to what we really enjoy, being with our horse and riding, it can seem as if we never have enough time to spend. You may long to ride five days a week, but right now, all you can fit

“The Broader View of Training” Interview with an Equine Behavior Consultant

When training a horse, it is important to look at the big picture. There are many factors that influence behavior and in many cases, the resolution of a problem may require more than just “training”. This is where an equine behavior consultant can play an important role. I sat down with behavior consultant Sharon Madera

What Have You Learned from Horses & Riding

Horses have a lot to teach us. They teach us how to be good observers and listeners, they teach us to slow down, to enjoy life and savor little moments. In our journey of becoming better riders we learn to work through frustration, to listen to our instincts, and to work through many types of

The Best Way to Dismount a Horse

It’s the end of your ride, time to hop off and head back to the barn… But what if it’s not quite that simple? The skill of dismounting is one that is often overlooked in teaching. It happens at the end of the ride, when practice time is essentially over. Plus it seems so simple,

No Stirrups November – will it help your riding?

No stirrups November. The month of the year that riders everywhere vow to drop their stirrups and brave the bouncing and sore legs to better their riding… But does dropping your stirrups really help you be a better rider? Or could it actually create bad habits? The answer depends on what you do when you

Should You Change Horses, Move to a New Barn, Take a New Course or Clinic… Decision Making Advice For Riders

In our riding journey, just as in life, we are faced with difficult decisions… Perhaps it is deciding whether to part with a horse that isn’t a good match Or it’s moving to a different barn Maybe it is going to a new instructor or trainer Or making a big investment in a clinic, a

How Does Your Horse Learn? Simple Explanation of Learning & Training

Have you ever given the right cue, but your horse still didn’t respond? If you’ve ever had this happen, then you know that communicating with a horse involves more than just the right position and the right cues… To be effective, confident riders, we need to know how horses learn, so that we can better

How Horses Experience Emotion & Why it Matters for Our Training

Have you ever wondered what your horse thinks and feels? How do they experience emotion? How should their emotion affect our work with them? We will never be able to truly understand what a horse feels, we are, after all, a very different species with minds that work differently. But despite our differences, we have

Nature or Nurture – Which Creates the Better Performance Horse & More from Equitation Science Conference

We know that a person’s childhood and early development plays a large role in their beliefs and behavior as an adult. Could the same be true for our horses? Does the length of time they spend with their dam, their interaction with other horses, and their early experiences shape the “horse they become?” This is