When its Time to Bail – The Emergency Dismount

As riders, we have all had those moments where we have to make that split second decision – should I bail? We may look back and laugh about it, but in the moment, its actually a very important decision! Especially when you are learning to ride it can be much safer to know the limits

Every Horse is Different

Every horse is an individual and will react to things, events, and situations in different ways. Our responsibility as riders and horse owners, and one of the biggest challenges I run into as a trainer is adjusting my approach, technique, and expectations to work with each individual horse. Horses can have complex personalities that create

Riding the Horse Who Leans In or Gets “Stuck

Keeping your horse straight and moving forward is one of the most important parts of a good ride, whether you are in the arena or out on the trail. But its not as easy as it sounds… Many horses have habits of dropping their shoulder and cutting turns, getting “stuck” at the gate, or hugging

Bareback Riding for Better Balance

Riding bareback is fun and a great way to improve your riding by developing better balance and feel of the horse underneath you. I love riding bareback – it’s fun, and I give a lot of credit to time without the saddle for making me a better rider. Over the past few months I have

Moving Your Horses Hindquarters Under Saddle

The hind end of the horse is his powerhouse – This is where the horse’s balance and self carriage come from which are essential to a comfortable ride and performing any kind of athletic manuevers. When riding, we need to focus more on the hind end than on the head, neck, or shoulders. Teaching your

How We Teach Our Horses Bad Stuff

This past weekend I hosted a clinic with trainer Anglelo Telatin at my farm in Honey Brook, Pa. Angelo is an assistant professor and head of the dressage team at Delaware Valley College. He is also an excellent show jumper and has a training approach that is unique to the show world in that he

Clicker Training for Horses

Clicker training has become quite popular in dog training in recent years, and with good reason. It is a system of training based on science and learning theory. Unfortunantly, it hasn’t caught on with many horse owners yet. Clicker training involves training through positive reinforcement, meaning when the horse does the correct “behavior” he is

Horse Boots Explained

After posting the video on applying wraps last month, I received several questions about boots – when should boots be used, what kind is best, and how do you put them on? So I dug through my boxes at the barn and picked out a few popular styles of boots to talk about in today’s

Riding Horses vs Riding Motorcycles – Similarities

There has been a particular “toy” that I’d been obsessing over for several months. I wanted it so bad. It’s something I have always wanted to do and learn but I finally decided now was the time. A motorcycle – particularly a “dual-sport” bike so I could ride on both roads and trails. Well two

Tips for Riding the Canter

I have had many requests for a video on riding the canter, so here it is! The canter may well be one of the most enjoyable gaits – there is enough speed to be exhilarating, but on a balanced horse the canter is smooth and comfortable. The canter should have a “rocking horse” motion to