The Importance of Turnout & The Dangers of Stall Confinement

I have always felt strongly about the importance of turnout for horses. I think horses are happier and healthier when they have the freedom to move around, socialize with other horses, roll in the dirt, and generally just be a horse! Just as chronic stress can create many problems for humans, the stress of confinement

Buying Your First Horse

Buying your first horse, or any horse, can be an intimidating process – what kind of horse is best, where do you look, what should you expect in the process? In this video, I am going to share a few tips for what you should consider before you even go out to look at a

Mares, Geldings, or Stallions?

The question of which will make a better riding horse – a mare or a gelding is often debated among horse people. Some feel so strongly about this that they will only allow geldings in their barn, believing mares are too moody and temperamental. While there are differences between mares, geldings, and stallions, a horse’s

How to Stop Gripping When You Ride

Do you grip when you ride? Perhaps you’ve been told to hang on with your legs for security or to keep a “tight leg” to get your horse going.  Or maybe you’ve been told not to hold on with your legs but you aren’t sure how to stop gripping or how to stay on without

Connection, Relationship, Control… what Therapy Can Teach Us About Horses

Last month I hosted a clinic at my farm – it was a clinic teaching equine assisted psychotherapy. I didn’t know what to expect, I was just hosting the event, but I looked forward to learning a few things that I thought might help me with my riding students. By the end of the weekend,

Setting Yourself Up For Success in the Saddle with Self Awareness

Today we are discussing a topic that, at first glance, may seem a bit strange for a riding video… the idea of self awareness. Last week I shared about the importance of “body awareness” and how being more aware of our bodies through other forms of exercise or movement can improve our riding. In this

Do You Ever Feel Stiff or Uncoordinated When You Ride?

When you are riding, do you ever feel totally uncoordinated? Perhaps your riding instructor tells you to move a certain way or tries to describe a feeling, but you just don’t get it or you can’t seem to get yourself to move that way? Maybe you do feel it, for a second, but then you

Are you a Tense Rider? What Causes Tension and How to Relax

Are you a tense rider? Has a riding instructor or friend ever told you to “relax”? We all get tense sometimes when we ride, and our tension has a big impact on our horses. It may make them nervous, affect their movement, or decrease their responsiveness to our cues. In today’s video I cover three

Why Horses Are Good For Us – Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard

Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard Riding a horse through the wilderness is a lot different than walking through the wilderness. Brushing your horse, feeding them a treat, or just spending time around them is a lot different than spending that time alone or with others. There’s just something about riding your horse, interacting with them,

Teaching Your Horse Good Food Manners

Using food rewards in training horses often gets a bad reputation. Many people fear that it causes pushiness, nipping, or biting from the horse. However, food rewards can be a very valuable training asset, and when used correctly, can make any training a lot more effective. One of the most important keys to success in training