Pressure and “Response” in Training Horses

Pressure gets a lot of attention in the world of horse training. “Pressure and Release” is the primary way that most horses are trained and there is much discussion on the correct application of pressure  – should it be steady or rhythmic, constant or increasing, and how much is enough? In today’s article, however, I

Get Your Horse to go more Forward with Better Movement

One of the most important fundamentals of riding and training horses is improving the way our horses move, and sometimes just making sure we aren’t accidentally interfering with their movement. When our horses move better, the ride is more comfortable, the horse’s muscles develop correctly, and moving better can even help horses stay more sound over the

Are you a Good Match with Your Horse?

Feeling overfaced by your horse is no fun. Many of us have been in situations at some point in our riding lives where we wondered if the horse we owned or were riding was really a good match. Especially for those riders just starting out, having the right horse can be a critical part of

Equine Chiropractic Session with Dr. Patricia Blakeslee

We ask a lot of our horses – both mentally and physically, and in order for our horses to give us their best performance – whether that performance is a clean show jumping round or a few steady hours on the trail, we need to take care of them. This is where body work can

3 Keys to Working with a Young Horse

Young horses can be more or less difficult than an older, trained horse depending on how you look at it, and depending on the quality of the training of the older horse. What I mean by this is that young horses have fresh minds – for the most part they are unspoiled by bad training,

Conditioning Your Horse for Riding Fitness

For many of us, Spring is right around the corner, and we are starting to think about spending more time riding, whether that is preparing for a show season, looking forward to long trail rides, or just enjoying time in the saddle. Before we get too excited about all our riding goals, it is important to

Riders are Artists

Riding is an art, and those of us who pursue it with a level of focus and commitment are artists. While there is also a science to riding, training, and horsemanship, and as a more logical than intuitive thinker I am more drawn to the “science” elements of horsemanship, today I would like to discuss a

Horse Feeding Myths Discussed with Dr. Staniar

When the topics of horse feeding and equine nutrition are discussed among horse people, opinions can vary greatly and fact and fiction may sometimes get confused. A  few weeks ago I surveyed members of my Training Journals course asking what questions they had regarding nutrition and what to feed their horse. Several questions came up more

Are you “Ahead of” or “Behind” the Motion when you ride horses?

We’ve heard the terms “getting ahead” or “left behind” in reference to riding horses, and essentially, being out of balance while riding. But what do these terms really mean and what does it look like when someone is ahead or behind the motion of the horse? In today’s video, I hope to answer those questions

Tips for Handling Mouthy, Biting Horses

Mouthy horses are quite common, especially young horses, and especially young geldings. How to handle or correct a mouthy horse is one of the most frequent questions that I am asked. Biting or “mouthy” behavior can stem from a variety of causes. It can be natural playfulness in a youngster, a warning or display of