Keeping Riding & Horse Training Fun

Riding and training should be fun! There may always be moments where it feels easy to become frustrated with yourself or your horse, but when those times do happen, come back to these three keys to find the joy again!

Are You Ready to Trail Ride?

Going for a ride outside the confines of the arena can be enjoyable and exhilerating, whether riding along wooded trails or in open fields. However, riding outside also has its challenges and dangers. Many horses are just more exciteable in an open environment and there is generally more for a horse to react to along

Training the Turn on the Forehand & Haunches

Asking a horse to move sideways and to move his shoulders and hips independently is a foundational piece to training more advanced movements later. It is also a practical skill on its own for opening gates, placing a jacket on a fence, or moving your horse on the trail to allow another horse to pass,

Clinic Highlights: Spooking, Rein Tension, and Progressive Training

I always come away from Angelo’s clinics with loads of new information and ideas buzzing in my head and a new excitement for both riding and teaching. Angelo’s knowledge of horse behavior, fascination with trying new things, and true love of riding are always evident at these clinics. It’s a fun weekend for both participants

How Saddle Fit Affects the Rider – Interview with Jochen Schleese

Bring your legs back, get your toes forward, sit up straight! These are common words from riding instructors trying to help their students find a more balanced and correct position. But what if the rider’s position was not a fault of their lack of riding ability or skills but rather a result of the fit of

Are Dominance and Leadership Important in Horse Training?

When we are riding or working with horses, is it important to “be the boss?” Do we need to establish ourselves as being first in the pecking order, and does the horse need to view us as being the dominant or alpha individual in order to pay attention and follow our instructions? Is leadership important?

What is a Cue and How to Use them in Horse Training

The cues we give our horses play a big role in how they behave, but what exactly is a cue and how do cues work? Simply put, a cue is a signal to do something, and we train our horses to respond to signals from our legs, reins, voice, and body. Cues can be intentional or unintentional, some

Pressure and “Response” in Training Horses

Pressure gets a lot of attention in the world of horse training. “Pressure and Release” is the primary way that most horses are trained and there is much discussion on the correct application of pressure  – should it be steady or rhythmic, constant or increasing, and how much is enough? In today’s article, however, I

Get Your Horse to go more Forward with Better Movement

One of the most important fundamentals of riding and training horses is improving the way our horses move, and sometimes just making sure we aren’t accidentally interfering with their movement. When our horses move better, the ride is more comfortable, the horse’s muscles develop correctly, and moving better can even help horses stay more sound over the

Are you a Good Match with Your Horse?

Feeling overfaced by your horse is no fun. Many of us have been in situations at some point in our riding lives where we wondered if the horse we owned or were riding was really a good match. Especially for those riders just starting out, having the right horse can be a critical part of