Methods of Desensitization in Horse Training

Many people think of desensitization as the old method of “sacking out” where the horse is restrained and presented with the scary stimulus – usually plastic bags, saddle pads, blankets, tarps, etc., until he no longer responds to them. While this is a form of desensitization, there are many other forms of desensitization that can

Understanding the Horse’s Fear Response: Spooking, Bolting, etc.

The Horse’s Fear Response The horse’s fear response has been an important survival mechanism for them. But when riding and training our horses, fear is one of our biggest adversaries. The vast majority of accidents with horses are due to the horse being afraid and responding to that fear through bolting, bucking, jumping to the

Better Communication with Your Riding Instructor

Today we are going to handle a bit of a tough topic – better communication with your riding instructor, and specifically how to ask them about other ways of riding that you may see in videos, or read about in books. There are often many different ways to accomplish the same thing, and sometimes hearing

Remember What You Learn: Tips for Riders

As riders, we are always learning. We learn new motor skills such as better ways to sit or how to use our aids riding. We also learn more about our horses, how to take care of them, how to train them, and how to understand their behavior. So here is an interesting question – how

How to Steer a Horse While Riding

I’ve got a new video for you today but I will keep the description short as we are in the middle of “Adult Camp” here at my farm! I did want to take a moment and thank you for all the awesome comments on the last post about “heels down.” Our community is growing to

Is “Heels Down” Good Advice for Riders?

“Heels down!” May be the most common advice given to riders in all disciplines, but just how important is this part of our riding posture? While I do agree that the lower leg ankle and heel play a big role in our stability and the effectiveness of our riding aids, I believe that there are

Keeping Riding & Horse Training Fun

Riding and training should be fun! There may always be moments where it feels easy to become frustrated with yourself or your horse, but when those times do happen, come back to these three keys to find the joy again!

Are You Ready to Trail Ride?

Going for a ride outside the confines of the arena can be enjoyable and exhilerating, whether riding along wooded trails or in open fields. However, riding outside also has its challenges and dangers. Many horses are just more exciteable in an open environment and there is generally more for a horse to react to along

Training the Turn on the Forehand & Haunches

Asking a horse to move sideways and to move his shoulders and hips independently is a foundational piece to training more advanced movements later. It is also a practical skill on its own for opening gates, placing a jacket on a fence, or moving your horse on the trail to allow another horse to pass,

Clinic Highlights: Spooking, Rein Tension, and Progressive Training

I always come away from Angelo’s clinics with loads of new information and ideas buzzing in my head and a new excitement for both riding and teaching. Angelo’s knowledge of horse behavior, fascination with trying new things, and true love of riding are always evident at these clinics. It’s a fun weekend for both participants