Setting Yourself Up For Success in the Saddle with Self Awareness

Today we are discussing a topic that, at first glance, may seem a bit strange for a riding video… the idea of self awareness. Last week I shared about the importance of “body awareness” and how being more aware of our bodies through other forms of exercise or movement can improve our riding. In this

Do You Ever Feel Stiff or Uncoordinated When You Ride?

When you are riding, do you ever feel totally uncoordinated? Perhaps your riding instructor tells you to move a certain way or tries to describe a feeling, but you just don’t get it or you can’t seem to get yourself to move that way? Maybe you do feel it, for a second, but then you

Are you a Tense Rider? What Causes Tension and How to Relax

Are you a tense rider? Has a riding instructor or friend ever told you to “relax”? We all get tense sometimes when we ride, and our tension has a big impact on our horses. It may make them nervous, affect their movement, or decrease their responsiveness to our cues. In today’s video I cover three

Teaching Your Horse Good Food Manners

Using food rewards in training horses often gets a bad reputation. Many people fear that it causes pushiness, nipping, or biting from the horse. However, food rewards can be a very valuable training asset, and when used correctly, can make any training a lot more effective. One of the most important keys to success in training

How to Correctly & Effectively Use a Whip

Using a whip effectively can be a very important skill for riding, but even just holding one, let alone using it on the horse, can feel awkward and cumbersome. In today’s video, I help you understand whips and how to use one effectively. We start by looking at different types of whips, then I show you how

Haltering a Foal for the First Time

Today I have something a bit different for you, and for me too! Last week I had the opportunity to work with a 10 day old foal to halter him for the first time. I don’t do any breeding myself and rarely have the chance to play with or train a foal, so I had

Learning & Riding with Wendy Murdoch

One thing you probably already know about me from reading my posts or watching my videos is that I love to learn and try new ideas. I enjoy finding new ways to better understand, explain and teach different ideas or concepts. Today I’d like to share a few insights from one of my favorite riding

How to Ride a Lazy Horse

We all know the frustration of riding the so called “lazy” horse. No matter how hard we kick or cluck, we seem to always get a less than energetic response. We end the ride with tired legs and often a feeling of annoyance towards our horse. While of course some horses are simply less inclined to

Understanding the “Balance” of Your Saddle

Your saddle can have a big impact on your riding. If you often feel out of balance, or struggle to stay in the position described by your riding instructor it may not be just your abilities as a rider, your saddle can either help you find a balanced and comfortable position or it can do

Riding with Bitless Bridles

Have you ever wondered about going bitless? Would a bitless bridle be better for your horse and how do you know which one to use? I feel that using any piece of equipment effectively is about being aware of why you are using it, how it works, and what benefits or limitations that equipment has.