Desensitization & Sensitization: Background learning in horses

We are always learning, and so are our horses. Learning that happens “in the background” or outside of our conscious awareness is called non-associative learning. Two important parts of this form of learning are desensitization and sensitization. The meaning of these terms is quite simple, one means getting used to something and the other means

Weird Horse Terms Explained

For those who are new to the horse world, it may seem as though equestrians speak a different language. There are many unique words and phrases we use to describe our horses and how we ride. Think about phrases such as “that horse has a lot of action” or “put your leg on.” When we

New Indoor, Baby Goats, & Happy Holidays!

Since today is our last blog video before the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays I thought I would share a few things that are new at the farm… Plus we will also talk about three ways to think about any behavior problem or training challenge you may have with your horse. It’s all about focusing

Tips on Lungeing Safety

Lunging can be a beneficial exercise for both horse and handler when done safely and properly, but accidents can happen quickly. In this video I show you how to stay safe. Here are the three main points we are going to discuss: 1. How to avoid getting you or your horse tangled in the lunge

“It’s not about zero parasites, its about keeping the horse healthy.” Interview with Dr. Ed Jedrzejewski

In domesticating the horse, we created a few problems for him. One of these problems is parasites. Or in plain language – worms. Its actually natural for a horse to have some parasites living inside him. But the problems begin when the horse has too many worms – a high parasite load. Then the horse’s

One Simple Habit

Here in the US, today is the Thanksgiving Holiday, a day that is all about togetherness and gratitude. I was trying to think of something I could share with you today, so I created a video on a simple but effective habit I do that has had a huge impact on my riding and training

Teaching an Old Horse New Tricks, Head Tossing, and Handling Hot Horses

In this video, I answer a question from a viewer about her horse that has habits of head shaking and tends to go too forward, jumping into a canter when she asks for trot. We also discuss whether an older horse can still learn new behavior. Do you have a question you would like answered?

Correct Training of the Dressage Horse with Angelo Telatin

No one person had done more for my riding than Angelo Telatin. I learn something new everytime I ride with him and his training is logical and sytematic – for both horses and riders. Whenever I have the opportunity I like to film my lessons so that I can review them later and so that

Safe Riding in a Group – Arena Etiquette

Whether you travel to shows and ride in busy warm up arenas or you ride with one or two other riders at your local barn, knowing and practicing good arena etiquette is essential for staying safe. In today’s video, I give 6 tips for staying safe and being courteous to others when riding in a

Starting a Young Horse over Jumps

The initial training of a young or green horse over jumps will have a big impact on how easy and safe they are to jump. In this video, I share several key objectives of a horse’s early jump training as well as the basic progression of exercises that will help a horse learn to jump