Three Fitness Tips to be a Better Rider

This week I sit down with Leah Hinnefeld of The Athletic Rider to discuss the important topic of rider fitness. We all know that correct riding takes a combination of strength and balance. The sometimes elusive goal of true “independent aids” takes a lot of body awareness and control, which comes from time in the

Tips for Administering Dewormer or Other Oral Medications

We’ve all had the pleasure of needing to give a dewormer or other type of oral medication to our horse and ended up with the paste or liquid all over ourselves or the floor while fighting with our horses to keep that tube in their mouth long enough to push the plunger. If you haven’t

Picking Up a Difficult Canter Lead

Horses tend to have a stonger and a weaker side, just as we are right handed or left handed. This can influence which canter lead your horse finds easier or more difficult to pick up. Many horses have one side that tends to be difficult for them, and while having the horse balanced and carrying

How to Wrap a Horse’s Legs – Standing Wraps and Polo Wraps

In this video we are going to review a basic skill in horse management – leg wraps! I will show you how to apply standing wraps, which are used to protect an injury, prevent stocking up, or support a horse’s legs during shipping. I will talk about and demonstrate how and when to use polo

Is Horsemanship an Art or a Science?

What is good horsemanship? Is it an art, completely reliant on a person’s innate skill, intuitive understanding, and natural feel? Or can horsemanship also be examined and understood through a scientific lens as well? What I have been discovering recently is that horsemanship, not unlike many other aspects of life, is best looked at as

The Importance of Timing

Two weekends ago, I attended the Pennsylvania Horse Expo, which lucky for me, is only about an hour from my home, and offers a ton of free demonstrations and seminars from trainers all over the world. There was one trainer who I went to see early Sunday morning whose work really resonated with me. His

Why I Don’t Use the Word “Headset”

I have gotten a few questions on this topic recently, and have decided to answer them with this article. In some disciplines and riding styles there is a lot of focus on the horse’s headset. In my opinion, focusing on a headset is a backwards way of looking at training. Instead of focusing on the

Basic Body Language for Horses

You may have noticed that some people just seem to have a “presence” around horses that makes them very effective both on the ground and in the saddle. While it is true that confidence and experience play a big role, a lot of these people’s effectiveness has to do simply with their non-verbal communication. Non-verbal

Horses are Silent

I want you to think back on a time when you or someone else was working with a horse and something just didn’t feel right about what was being done. The person wasn’t outright beating the horse, we all know that’s wrong, but you just had the feeling that whatever was being done wasn’t ethical,

Riding a Lazy Horse 2

A few months ago, I posted a video titled “Riding a Lazy Horse.” In this video, I demonstrated how to ride a lazy horse in a way that will train them to move forward with lighter cues. This has been a popular video, with many views and comments, so I decided to shoot a follow