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How You Hold the Reins Can Make You Unbalanced

Did you know that how you hold the reins affects how balanced and stable you will be when your horse spooks or trips? Or that it also affects not just your rein contact but how fluidly your whole body is able to move in sync with your horse? Gripping the reins too tight or holding

Arm Position for Riders – Hands at the Withers?

A lot of riding advice is given as though every rider has the same type of body. Of course, we don’t – some of us have long arms, short arms, high waisted, petite, lanky, etc. For this reason, riding advice needs to be individual and alignment based. One piece of advice that is given to

Training Self Carriage in the way Horses Learn with Angelo Telatin

Whether jumping down a line, practicing dressage, or riding down the trail, we all want our horses to move with balance. We want them to be able to carry us with rhythm and ease, without slowing down, speeding up, rushing, throwing their head up, etc. Self carriage is where the horse can carry themselves this

5 Tips for Great Riding Posture

Good riding posture is important not for looking good, but for being a rider who is comfortable to carry, and can communicate clearly to the horse. To put it simply, the better our posture, the easier it is for our horses to carry us. In this video, I will go over 5 tips for better

3 Times to Use In Hand Work with Your Horse

Whenever we learn a new technique or exercise, learning it is just the beginning. Making it part of our routine practice is the key to finding the benefit in any new learning. Over the past week, we have hosted the online In Hand workshop with Patrick King (no relation despite the last name, although we

What is “Athletic Relaxation”?

We want our horses to be relaxed, calm, quiet. However, the ideal learning state is not one of total relaxation. The best state for training movement and balance – for us or our horses – is a state of athletic relaxation. It is a place of balance with both calmness and engagement. How do we

Get Back on the Horse? 3 times NOT to do this

“Get back on the horse” isn’t just advice for riders, it’s become a saying for not giving up, being brave, and being resilient. But is getting back on always the best advice? In this video, I am going to share three times when you should NOT get back on the horse. One, even two of

How to Use the “Right” Cue at the Right Time

Outside leg, inside rein, less hand, lift the rein… How do you know which cue to use when to communicate with your horse from the saddle? How do the great riders seem to do so little, and get such clear responses from their horse? In today’s video, I describe the concept of becoming “fluent” in

Draw Reins, Side Reins, Martingales, Bits… Is Extra “Equipment” Helpful?

Walk into any tack store and you will find what may feel like endless options of equipment for horse and rider. There are walls of different kinds of bits, variations of bridles, reins, nosebands, and training aids that vary from simple to complex. Many of these tools are designed to change how a horse feels

Finding the ‘Right’ Stirrup Length

Are your stirrups too long? Are they too short? What actually is the right length for our stirrups? In today’s video, I’ll give you both the simple answer to this, and a few easy tips to determine your stirrup length. The full answer to what is the right stirrup length is a bit more complex