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Better Communication with Your Riding Instructor

Today we are going to handle a bit of a tough topic – better communication with your riding instructor, and specifically how to ask them about other ways of riding that you may see in videos, or read about in books.

There are often many different ways to accomplish the same thing, and sometimes hearing the same concept explained differently from someone else or even just seeing it demonstrated can create a big breakthrough in your learning.

In addition, learning through reading or especially through watching video can be very beneficial because you have the opportunity to learn visually instead of simply hearing what your instructor may tell you during lessons.

It may feel intimidating to bring up different, sometimes conflicting, advice to your instructor, as you don’t want to insult or offend them. However, most teachers love questions, and a good riding instructor should be able to explain the “why” behind what you are doing, whether it is a certain posture or position, or a training exercise.

In today’s video, I share several ideas for talking to your instructor about questions you have or things you want to try. If your instructor or trainer is not receptive to outside ideas or not interested in discussing your questions, then remember that you are hiring them and it may be time to consider the value you are receiving in your lessons in exchange for your time, hard work, and money. If the value is not there, perhaps it is time to try someone new.

On a positive note, most instructors will be happy that you are eager to learn and excited about riding, and enjoy answering your questions and supporting you as you learn and grow as a rider.


If you have more suggestions for communicating with your riding instructor, put them in the comments below!

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