I have two eBooks available, both published and available exclusively through Amazon. You can read these books on any mobile device, such as your phone or tablet, or on your computer.


Buying Your First Horse

Buying your first horse is exciting and intimidating at the same time. You want to make sure that you find the right horse, so that you can feel comfortable, have fun, and learn to be a better rider. You want a horse that is healthy and sound so you can have many years together. The process of finding your new horse should be fun, but unfortunately navigating through misleading ads, trying to figure out what questions to ask a seller, and making decisions regarding pre-purchase exams and trials can be frustrating.
amazon_buttonThat’s why I wrote this book. I wanted to give the new horse buyer a practical guide to finding and purchasing their new horse. This book is designed to be an easy and quick reference to the essentials of what you need to know to make a smart horse purchase.
This book covers all the essential information you need to navigate the purchase of your first horse (or your second or third, for that matter). It goes over what to ask yourself before buying, what to consider regarding the time and financial commitments of horse ownership, how to find horses for sale, who sells horses and what the differences are between buying from a private seller vs. a dealer or an auction. This book will also help you evaluate a horse and understand other parts of the sale like pre-purchase exams and trials.
Purchase and read this book to have more certainty about finding your new dream horse, from looking at the first ads through signing a sales contract and bringing your new horse home!


Riding Horses – How to Guide

Did you know that the way new riders are often taught how to ride horses is not the way experienced riders actually ride?
I say this because new riders are often told kick to go, and pull back to stop… but experienced riders don’t do this – they use their whole body to ride, communicating with the horse through subtle movements. Even as a total beginner, you can start using these advanced skills as you ride and this book will show you how.

amazon_buttonThis book is written to be concise and to the point. I want to give new horseback riders all the information they need to start riding without so much “fluff” that it becomes overwhelming. This is your quick start guide to riding horses the right way!