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Fit for a Rider – Improve Your Riding with These 3 Types of Exercise

We expect a lot from our horses. We climb on their back and want them to remain in balance with our added weight while going down the trail, jumping fences, performing the movements of dressage, or working a cow. As riders, when we increase our own fitness, we can balance and move better, making the

Why are Resolutions so Hard?

It’s that time of year… New Years is in just a few days. It is a time for many people to pause and reflect. What happened this year, and what is anticipated in the coming year? The new year is also a time of anticipating change, whether the change is to be healthier, work less,

How to Work Through a Riding Problem

When I work with riders who are brand new to riding, I find they focus first on the techniques and the positions. Where do I put my leg to get him to go faster? I’m using my rein, why isn’t he steering? How do I make him back up? They expect the horse to be

Maintain Great Riding Posture without *too much* Tension

Last week, I posted a blog video on “How to Stop Bouncing When You Ride“. In that video, I proposed the idea that most “bouncing” comes from too much tension, and I demonstrated how by deliberately tightening an area of my body, through pulling my shoulders back or gripping with my legs for example, I

How to Stop Bouncing When You Ride

Do you ever feel as though you just cant get with the movement of your horse? Like you are just bouncing around in the saddle? It may sound like a question for new riders, but even seasoned riders experience this feeling – perhaps in a transition, through a lead change, or on a different horse

The Power of Positive Learning

What are you really good at in your riding? What’s one of your strongest skills? If you hesitated and struggled to think of a response, then you are with the majority of riders I work with. But you are also affecting your potential as a rider and making the process of learning and improving more

One Question to Change Your Riding

To make progress, in any area of life, requires focus. Going in many different directions at once simply creates overwhelm, not real progress. But focus on one thing, and you can achieve real results. This concept can be applied to most any area of life and is as useful for improving your riding and horsemanship

Live at the Farm: Stability During Turns, Balance Before Pain, etc.

Last week, we held the Balanced Riding Course Live Event at my farm in Honey Brook, Pa. It was an awesome two days and bittersweet to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the last day. During the event, we had demos and speakers on everything from saddle fit to equine massage, anatomy, and

How Your Horse’s Movement Affects His Behavior

The connection between brain and body is an interesting one. Changes in our brain – thoughts, feelings, emotions, will change our body. We look different and move differently when feeling sad, discouraged, or frustrated as opposed to happy, hopeful, or content. However, changes in our body also affect how we feel. If you’re feeling depressed,

What Keeps You Safe Around Horses

Safety is important for every rider. Even the most experienced among us can still have accidents. But there is one factor that is more important than anything else for staying safe around horses. It is more important than following a set of rules and can help you make decisions to stay safe in any situation.