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Wendy Murdoch: Finding New Possibilities

As riders, we all have things that hold us back. Often there are little patterns of movement or areas of tension that make use feel as though we can’t find our balance, like we need to constantly grip the saddle, or that we just can’t get “in sync” with the horse’s movement. Wendy Murdoch is

Connection, Relationship, Control… what Therapy Can Teach Us About Horses

Last month I hosted a clinic at my farm – it was a clinic teaching equine assisted psychotherapy. I didn’t know what to expect, I was just hosting the event, but I looked forward to learning a few things that I thought might help me with my riding students. By the end of the weekend,

“It’s not about zero parasites, its about keeping the horse healthy.” Interview with Dr. Ed Jedrzejewski

In domesticating the horse, we created a few problems for him. One of these problems is parasites. Or in plain language – worms. Its actually natural for a horse to have some parasites living inside him. But the problems begin when the horse has too many worms – a high parasite load. Then the horse’s

Correct Training of the Dressage Horse with Angelo Telatin

No one person had done more for my riding than Angelo Telatin. I learn something new everytime I ride with him and his training is logical and sytematic – for both horses and riders. Whenever I have the opportunity I like to film my lessons so that I can review them later and so that

How Saddle Fit Affects the Rider – Interview with Jochen Schleese

Bring your legs back, get your toes forward, sit up straight! These are common words from riding instructors trying to help their students find a more balanced and correct position. But what if the rider’s position was not a fault of their lack of riding ability or skills but rather a result of the fit of

Equine Chiropractic Session with Dr. Patricia Blakeslee

We ask a lot of our horses – both mentally and physically, and in order for our horses to give us their best performance – whether that performance is a clean show jumping round or a few steady hours on the trail, we need to take care of them. This is where body work can

Horse Feeding Myths Discussed with Dr. Staniar

When the topics of horse feeding and equine nutrition are discussed among horse people, opinions can vary greatly and fact and fiction may sometimes get confused. A  few weeks ago I surveyed members of my Training Journals course asking what questions they had regarding nutrition and what to feed their horse. Several questions came up more

Understanding Softness – An Interview with Mark Rashid and Crissi McDonald

The following is a brief interview I was able to do with Mark Rashid and his wife, Crissi McDonald, over delicious Mexican food after the second day of their Aikido for Horsemanship clinic in North Carolina, in which I was a participant. Mark Rashid is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer known for his ability to

Interview with Wendy Murdoch: Centered Riding, Returning From Injuries, and More

“We each have within us our own best teacher that recognizes what is best for our own well being.” This is what I love about Wendy Murdoch’s teaching style – she has a unique way of helping both horse and rider discover where they are most balanced and comfortable.   Wendy has a long list of

Positive Reinforcement in Action During Feeding Time + Riding Wisdom from Angelo Telatin

This summer I have been very lucky to host several clinics with Angelo Telatin (including one coming up next weekend), an international clinician, professor at a local college, and one of only 64 British Horse Society Fellows. I was intrigued by Angelo’s bridleless riding, both in show jumping and dressage, as well as his approach