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Horses & Life Archive

A Once in a Lifetime Horse – Mestre Luis Valenca and Sultao

For some people, there is a once in a lifetime horse. The horse that will always have a very special place in your heart, they teach you a lesson you will never forget, or open a door that would never have opened if not for their presence. Last week, while riding and studying at the

Holiday Special: What Brings Us All Together

Beyond the colorful lights, the trees, the ornaments and the cookies, the holidays are a time to reflect on what matters most – family, friends, the many blessings in our lives, and of course, the horses we spend time with. Through my life horses have given me so much, from companionship and confidence as a

What Have You Learned from Horses & Riding

Horses have a lot to teach us. They teach us how to be good observers and listeners, they teach us to slow down, to enjoy life and savor little moments. In our journey of becoming better riders we learn to work through frustration, to listen to our instincts, and to work through many types of

Should You Change Horses, Move to a New Barn, Take a New Course or Clinic… Decision Making Advice For Riders

In our riding journey, just as in life, we are faced with difficult decisions… Perhaps it is deciding whether to part with a horse that isn’t a good match Or it’s moving to a different barn Maybe it is going to a new instructor or trainer Or making a big investment in a clinic, a

Putting Relationship First – Lessons from Equine-Assisted Therapy

Horses have played a integral role in human life and society for years, providing transportation, carrying us through war, helping us work the land in farming, providing sport and entertainment. But perhaps today, their role is shifting, as horses today provide us with companionship and even healing… Equine therapy has risen in popularity, and for

What is Your Horse’s Personality?

We love to guess about what our horses might be thinking or feeling. We wonder at their emotion, speak for them, or narrate their interactions with other horses. But is this fair? Can we really understand what horses think and feel? Is it helpful or harmful to assign human qualities to a horse? These are

Inspiration & Advice from Riders Just Like You

If you are feeling stuck, there is often nothing as inspiring as hearing from someone else who also experienced challenges, but was able to work through them. It is inspiring to learn from others who have experienced challenges, made progress, and can share what worked, and what didn’t… Because there are certainly unique challenges in

Happy Thanksgiving! A special message for your holiday

Real quick as I don’t want to interrupt your holiday celebrations… but I have a fun video for you to celebrate this day of being grateful! I was going through some old archives this past week and I found a video from three years ago today, it was cold and snowy but I went for

What does it mean to “Connect” to a Horse?

The feeling of connection is one that many of us strive for. We want to hear a nicker when we walk in the barn, have our horse greet us at the gate, walk easily by our side when leading, and to feel them attentive as we ride, responding with lightness to our most subtle cues.

Highlights from Equitana – The Largest Equine Trade Fair in the World

I spent the last week in Essen, Germany attending Equitana, a huge event that pulls in some of the most talented riders, dedicated trainers, and innovative equestrian companies. With 12 exhibitor halls, 7 arenas, and over 200,000 visitors, it is the largest equine trade fair in the world. This was also my first trip to