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Practical Horse Nutrition

Friday has rolled around again! I am so excited to share today’s video with you because it is another segment in our series of expert interviews, and this is a topic that anyone who owns a horse or who plans to own a horse needs to be educated on – feeding and nutrition.

In today’s video, I sit down with two equine nutritionists – Robert Croteau and Bob Rich, to ask them questions straight from all of you about feeding hay, grain, how much is enough, how to choose a quality hay and what ingredients are best for concentrated feeds. You will also learn about the mistakes people commonly make feeding horses and what their phrase “Halloween Candy Syndrome” means. Plus we discuss a lot of other topics and they talk about what being an equine nutritionist really involves.

Click play and enjoy the video!

Do you have a question or a comment for Robert and Bob? Leave it in the comments section below!

You can also contact them directly.

Robert Croteau from Stoltzfus Feed and Supply, 717-442-8280 or

Bob Rich from Buckeye Nutrition, 484-678-1217 or

As I mentioned in the video, I highly recommend working with these guys if you live in my local area. They have been helping with my feed program since last Spring and we have noticed some real differences with the horses, especially those that had various “nutritional challenges.”


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