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“The Broader View of Training” Interview with an Equine Behavior Consultant

When training a horse, it is important to look at the big picture. There are many factors that influence behavior and in many cases, the resolution of a problem may require more than just “training”.

This is where an equine behavior consultant can play an important role.

I sat down with behavior consultant Sharon Madera at her farm in Ocala, Florida, to discuss several of her most difficult cases.

In this interview, we talked about food aggression, head shy horses, the benefits of positive reinforcement and working at liberty, and the role of a behavior consultant.

Here’s the “at a glance” list of what we cover in this interview:

5:15 What is the role of an Equine Behavior Consultant?

10:32 Changing the behavior of an aggressive horse

13:13 Helping a rescue horse who was head and ear shy

15:10 Benefits of working at liberty

16:50 The beauty of Iberian horses



Learn More about Sharon’s work here:

See examples of horses in training at CRK Training here:

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