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Essential Cold Weather Riding Apparel Tips

Article Courtesy of Ashley Snell from Dover Saddlery

Before you climb into the saddle for a wintertime horse ride, there are essential clothing items you’ll want to have on to keep you safe, comfortable and warm. While it’s important to dress for safety and warmth, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo fashion. The equestrian rider fashion trends for winter 2014-2015 will take you well beyond the necessities and have you riding in comfort throughout the chilly winter months.


Essential Cold-Weather Riding Clothing for Winter

• Helmet. There are so many options available for riding helmets that there’s really no excuse to be without one. In addition to coming in Western and English styles for different riding disciplines, you can also get a helmet for this winter in a color that complements the rest of your attire. This is one article you don’t want to skimp on; purchase an unused helmet to ensure proper fit and safety.

• Jacket or Vest. One of the most important pieces of your winter riding wardrobe is a jacket or vest. This outer layer protects you from freezing temperatures and biting winds. Choose a down or quilted jacket for warmth that lasts as you work in and around the barn, or train your horse. Add an extra layer of warmth with a fleece or quilted vest under your jacket.

• Pants. Depending on how you spend your time in the winter, you might be considering a new pair of breeches or jeans. Comfort and warmth are equally important. Go for a pair designed specifically for wintertime riding or working in the barn. Fleece tights, winter full-seat riding breeches and corduroy riding pants can provide you with the extra warmth needed.

• Boots. Complete your attire with a stylish and warm pair of riding boots. The variety of boots offers a level of warmth, style and fit that’s ideal for your wintertime riding needs. Opt for a material that will remain durable in all kinds of winter weather. It can also be beneficial to select a boot that’s lined with a moisture-wicking fabric.

• Underneath. The undergarments you don before putting on your riding gear are as important as the garments everyone sees you wearing. Today’s technology in performance fabrics allows you to choose undergarments that increase comfort and keep you dry and warm.

Stay Warm throughout the Colder Months

Incorporating essential wardrobe pieces that can be layered can provide you with winter riding attire that keeps you comfortable as early as autumn and as late as spring. Assess your horse-related activities during the winter months to determine the clothing essentials you need. Opt for quality pieces that will add to your enjoyment and last for several more winter seasons to come. The suggestions above will help you keep the winter chill away while providing you with the added benefit of looking stylish, too.

Ashly Snell works at Dover Saddlery and enjoys eventing with and caring for her two Dutch Warmbloods. She has been an avid equestrian for 20 years.


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