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Outback Trading Company

2182_Bronze_LG This review is more on a company than a specific product, because everything I have gotten from the Outback Trading Company has looked great, fit great, and proven to be very durable.

The Outback Trading Company is best known for their oilskin jackets and slickers, but not as many people are aware of their clothing offerings. They also make vests, fleece jackets, and rainwear among other products. I feel that a lot of their clothing has a distinctive look, an equestrian flair that still looks great going out.

The company was started in 1983 by Wilson King of Pennsylvania. A year earlier, Wilson had been traveling in Australia when he was given an oilskin slicker. He was back home in Pa riding one day in the rain, but staying dry thanks to his Australian slicker. It was then that the idea struck to contact the manufacturer in Australia and arrange to have a shipment of slickers sent over. He quickly sold out and the Outback Trading Company was born.

Today, Outback’s products are carried by large retailers such as Cabelas and Rods. Of the various Outback Products that I have, my favorite is probably my oilskin coat. I found the coat in their outlet store this winter, and it was quite a find at only $35! I love it because it’s warm and weather proof, plus it has style, with a high collar, gathering in the back, and a cute plaid flannel lining. It is called the “Sheila’s Delight” jacket, and is pictured above. You can also see me wearing it in this video I posted on my CRK Training blog:

To browse Outback products, check out one of the two links below. If you live close to me in Chester county, I would highly recommend stopping by their outlet store in Oxford, Pa. That link is below as well.


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