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Under Armour Cold Gear

under-armour-womens-fitted-coldgear-mock As the cold weather fast approaches here in Pa, it’s finally time to unpack the rest of my winter riding gear and clothing. One of my staples for true winter weather is Under Armor’s Coldgear shirts. These shirts provide a great base layer in cold weather. The snug fit of the shirt is designed to keep your body heat in, and it is quite effective. Because they are so body hugging, they also fit well underneath other layers of clothing, like a sweater or sweatshirt.

I prefer their mock neck style because it keeps my chest and neck covered and warm. You won’t find under armor at a tack store, which is almost surprising, considering how well they have branded their product to appeal to hunters, I wouldn’t be shocked to see them do the same for equestrians. You will find Under Armor in any sporting goods store, or the Under Armor factory stores that are in a lot of outlet strips. So grab a few and get ready for winter!


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