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Weatherbeeta Dog Coats

IMG_3399 Let me start by introducing our guest post contributor – Miss Freida. Freida is a miniature dauchshund who enjoys chasing cats, hanging out at the barn, and – when no one is looking – eating horse manure! Freida is one of the “barn mascots” of my boarding facility, and she will be reviewing Dog Coats by Weatherbeeta.

“I am excited to tell you about my favorite brand of coat. I have three of these coats made by weatherbeeta and I really appreciate them on these chilly fall mornings. My Weatherbeeta dog coats are comfortable, durable, and warm. The coats are designed so that it is very easy for Callie to dress me in the mornings – much easier to have my Weatherbeeta coats put on than those dog sweaters from Petsmart! Those sweaters make getting dressed a nightmare – I hate having my legs pulled through the holes! In comparison, Weatherbeeta coats have two Velcro straps – one in the front and one under my belly.

My favorites are the fleece coats. These are more form fitting so they don’t limit my movement, and I know I look cute in my black one with the coral and silver piping. This fleece coat fits me very well, which says a lot because I am a difficult fit – I have a very long torso.

My medium weight 600D coat is great for winter, it has enough thick poly fill to keep me warm, but not so much to make it bulky.

As an active barn dog, I need a coat that keeps me warm regardless of the weather. Come rain, snow, or sleet I still must be at the barn overseeing chores and tormenting the cats.”

Thanks Freida! You can find Weatherbeeta coats for your barn dog at this link:


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