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Book Review: Communicating with Animals by Margarit Coates

download (6) Have you ever had a special connection with an animal where, even for just an instant, it seemed as if they were reading your mind? Or have you ever longed for a deeper relationship with your horse, dog, cat, or any other creature? I know I am always searching for a better way to be with animals, to understand them, and to communicate and train them in the best way possible. As soon as I discovered Margarit Coates I was drawn to her work. She seems very gifted and very “real” about her abilities. Animal communication is often seen as being sort of “out there,” but Margarit has such a matter of fact way of describing what she does and how she does it that it makes the idea of communicating with animals seem very plausible for all of us.

I ordered Margarit’s book, Communicating with Animals, back in October and just finished reading it last week. There are many touching stories within the book of animals that Margarit has known and helped. She explains how animals feel emotions just as we do, and they too deal with scars of past trauma or abuse. Part of Margarit’s work is as a healer, where she helps animals through both mental and physical problems.

The underlying message through this book is that the ability to understand animals and to communicate with them is available to everyone. Some people, such as Margarit, are naturally very gifted in this area, where for the rest of us it takes more attention on developing or just merely listening to our intuitive side.

If I understood her teaching correctly, communication starts with having an open or clear mind, not expecting or demanding anything, just being mentally available or “present.” It’s funny how a lot of the same themes from this book have been taught by wise horseman today and from the past. In fact, an entire chapter of the book is dedicated to the “Voice of the Horse.”

Whether you are truly interested in developing your own abilities to understand and communicate with animals, or you would just enjoy reading a touching collection of stories about animals, I highly recommend Communicating with Animals by Margarit Coates.

So how am I doing with my animal communication? I will admit I have sat next to my dachshund Frieda, and the several horses I am working with right now at the farm, on numerous occasions after reading the book hoping to receive a message and I have not heard or seen anything yet – but that is probably just my problem – I am still trying too hard and one day the message might just come. Either way, I believe any effort to better understand the creatures we share this planet with is a worthwhile one.

So grab a copy of this book and then tell me in the comments about the animal that you would most like to have better communication with.

See you in the comments, I think this will be a fun discussion!


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