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EcoLicious Equestrian – all natural Horse Care

images (1) This week I had the opportunity to try out several products in a unique line of all natural horse care called EcoLicious. The company was started by founder Petra, who combined her love for horses with her knowledge and passion for being green – avoiding toxic materials to help protect humans, horses, and the environment.

EcoLicious has its own natural, non-toxic version of every grooming product you need for your horse – from shampoos to hoof treatments, healing balms, even hand lotion for riders. I was very excited to try out these products, as I love natural alternatives, and there aren’t many available in horse care items, especially that actually do the job they are supposed to. Petra sent me five samples, I tested two for you this week, De-Stress – Intensive Restructuring and Detangling Treatment for Manes and Tails, and In Control- Conditioning, Braiding and Mane Setting Cream. The other samples included a shampoo, a whitening treatment, and a rinse out conditioner but you will have to wait for next week to hear how those products tested out because I need to wait for the warmer weather this weekend before I am willing to wet down my horses!

I will start with De-Stress because it was the one I was most excited about testing and it’s my favorite product so far! I like detanglers but I don’t often use them because they make everything super slippery, including my hands! De-Stress is different, it comes out like an oil, but I found that if I used it sparingly, it didn’t make the horse’s hair feel oily. To be honest, I loved it as soon as I opened it up and smelled the tea tree oil! It also did a great job detangling the mane, and made my hands feel moisturized, but no slippiness! The top 3 ingredients are hemp oil, sunflower seed oil, and coconut oil. Now here is my other confession… De-Stress did such a great job on my horse’s hair, that I decided to put it on my own. My hair gets dry and brittle in the winter and I am always trying new mixtures of olive oil, avocado, etc. to give it more life. There was nothing in this detangling product that I would object to having on my own skin so I decided to give it a try. It did take several shampoos to wash it out, but my hair definitely looked conditioned and shinier afterwards – and that’s a true test!

The second product I tested this week from EcoLicious was In Control, their conditioning, braiding, and mane setting cream. I am used to products like quick-braid when I used to show and braid as a side job in high school, and quick braid does provide excellent grip, but it’s obviously terrible for the hair. You have to wash it out right away or the horse will rub his mane nonstop. In Control definitely was not as sticky and grippy as a product like quick braid, but it did a great job making the mane manageable, shiny, and conditioned. So the bottom line is if I was braiding three horses in a morning and just wanted the braids to stay in, not really caring about the mane itself, I’d probably stick with quick braid. But if I was braiding my own horse, or just needed a product to improve the health of the hair and give it some shine, I would definitely use In Control. The main ingredients of In Control include shea butter, hemp oil, and banana extract. It also has a delicious scent and feels great on your hands.

p.s. Petra also gave me the tip that some riders use this in their own hair to tame helmet head, but as with the De-Stress, a little goes a long way!

Now the really exciting part is that Petra was generous enough to send me an extra bottle of each sample so that you can test them out too! There are a total of five samples – De-Stress, In Control, Silky– Rinse out Conditioner, Blinded by the White – whitening treatment, and Green & Squeaky Clean, a deep cleaning shampoo. You can win the five samples by emailing a picture of your dirty horse to It doesn’t have to be a fabulous picture, just show me the dirt!

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