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Mane Rake Review

download This week I was reminded of one of my all time favorite grooming tools. It saves time, sore fingers, and grumpy horses. What is this tool? The mane rake.

Even though I rarely go to horse shows anymore, I still love the appearance of a neatly pulled mane. I feel it makes a horse’s neck look more long and elegant, and that most horses just look neat and well-kept with a short, clean mane that lays neatly on one side. (The exception are those breeds that grow beautiful long, full manes and tails – they still look good with flowing hair.) Although I love the look of a pulled mane, you usually couldn’t tell by looking at my horses because mane pulling also happens to be one of my most dreaded tasks. This is where the mane rake comes in. It doesn’t replace a pulling comb, but it does help get rid of a lot of the extra thickness of the mane, making pulling much easier. I have also noticed that if I am diligent about using the mane rake at most groomings, I won’t have to pull as often. Plus for some reason, the horses don’t seem to mind having their hair thinned out by the rake nearly as much as having it all pulled.

I hadn’t paid much attention to my horse’s manes for several months, and this week I wanted to get everyone cleaned up to make some new videos. I also didn’t want to spend all day pulling manes, so I brought out the mane rake and started raking. The tufts of hair when flying, and I finished with much thinner, neater manes. Perfectly even, short, and thin? Not quite, but at least they didn’t look like wild brumbies any more.
So pick up a mane rake at your local tack shop or with the link below and enjoy a better mane, no pulling comb needed.

*Important – make sure your rake looks like the one in the picture above or below. There are other tools that call themselves “mane rakes,” but they are more of a comb and don’t work the same way!


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