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5 Worst Tack Room Mistakes

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Wouldn’t you love a tack room like this one?
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The tack room is one of the most important areas of the barn. One that’s well organized and stocked with the items you need this season will enable you to properly care for and groom your horse. It will also help you get ready and out of the barn faster so you can enjoy more time in the saddle. Here are a few of the worst offending tack room mistakes and how to fix them.


Common Tack Room Mistakes


  • Clutter: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” This type of mindset will help you create a tack room that’s free of clutter. Likewise, you’ll always be able to find everything you need. Allow logic to play a role as you consider using available wall space to install shelving units or to hang items on hooks. Create more floor space for walking around or make more room for other storage by using wall space to its fullest potential.
  • Excessive Dust:  Proper ventilation in the barn is important for your horse and proper ventilation in the tack room is important for you. Removing dust helps with ventilation and creates a clean space. A tack room that’s too dusty can damage equipment and be inviting to pests. Spend time weekly removing dust, dirt and debris to protect the usefulness of your tack and improve the appearance of the space. Maintaining a dust-free tack room will take a fraction of the time needed to do occasional deep cleanings.
  • Unnecessary Items: Do you ever find yourself sifting through one box after another in search of one thing? Avoid this common time-consuming mistake by storing items by season. Once winter is over, you’ll be able to easily move the storage containers with winter items to a more remote spot. This allows you to easily access items needed and used more frequently in the current season.
  • No Labels: Unless clear plastic containers are being used, it can be difficult to remember what items are in each storage bin. Take the guesswork out of finding things by labeling bins and boxes. Combine like items, such as grooming supplies, and add a large label that says “Grooming Supplies.” Take it a step further by listing specific items on a second label. Place labels on more than one side of the bin so you can easily determine the contents from more than one angle.
  • Poor Lighting: No amount of organization, dusting and sorting will make a difference if poor lighting prevents you from finding your way around the tack room. Always replace burned out light bulbs to avoid dark areas. Install more lighting if necessary to find tack supplies more easily and deter pests from hiding out in dark spaces.


A Tack Room You’ll Love

In addition to creating an organized tack room, correcting these common tack room mistakes will make this space safer and more enjoyable. Your horse won’t become spooked while standing or walking nearby, and you’ll find things more easily. An organized, tidy and comfortable tack room will also make riding preparations feel less like work and more like a natural part of the process.

If your tack room is suffering from one of the mistakes mentioned above, turn clutter into space and disorganization into accessibility with the included suggestions. Rather than feeling like a chore, the time you spend in your tack room before and after a ride should feel like an enjoyable extension of your riding experience. A clean, comfortable, organized tack room can make the positive difference you’re looking for.


Ashly Snell works at Dover Saddlery and has been an avid equestrian for 20 years. She currently enjoys eventing with and caring for her two Dutch Warmbloods.

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