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Poly Pads

0001953 Another everyday go – to product for me is definitely the poly pad. (Or at least that style pad – I will admit, this is another case where I have found a knock off version that also does the job quite well!).

If you aren’t familiar with them, poly pads are thick simply designed English saddle pads. Most are square, some come in a contoured shape. They outer part of the pad is a tough fabric, and it is filled with a fluffy poly filling, instead of the thin foam used in the standard thin quilted pads. They basically look like a thin pillow.

Here is what I like about the poly pad style – they provide extra padding and comfort for the horse without the bulk of using an extra pad. Because the saddle kind of sits into the poly fill of the saddle pad, they don’t slip around as much as the thin standard pads and you don’t have any annoying straps to put the girth through or to attach to the billets of your saddle. I have found the poly pads to hold up a lot longer and not tear as easily (this is especially true of the original brand name Poly Pad – they cost more but are built the toughest). The pads are also easy to clean, I simply throw them in the washer.

You have several choices with the link below if you want to purchase one of these style pads: the first is the original Poly Pad, the second is a contoured pad by Roma (these are kind of nice because they are reversible, so you get two colors for one), and the third is a Dover Saddlery brand contoured pad. Just click the link for Dover, and search for “Poly Pads.”


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