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Review of the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle – When and Why I use it

I have been asked several times about the bitless bridles that I use on some horses in my training blog videos. I am certainly a big fan of bitless bridles, mainly for novice riders because when the rider makes a “mistake” with the reins, they aren’t pulling on the horses sensitive mouth. I use the bitless bridle on a lot of my own horses as well, because the lightest, most pain free pressure I can use to get the responses I want is what I am ultimately looking for! There are many kinds of bitless bridles out there, and I have yet to try most of them. For now, I use the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle and it works well. I will report back if I eventually find a brand that I prefer over the Dr. Cook! In the video below, I talk more about when and how I use this bridle, plus the one thing I don’t like about the bridle. Below the video you will find links to the Bitless Bridle on Amazon as well as Dr. Cook’s book on the possible negative effects of bitting.

English Leather Headstall-Bitless Bridle

Metal in the Mouth – The Abusive Effects of Bitted Bridles



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