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Tail-Lights Review

66ca95e2e9e8f633c00b269c759cad8e_large This is the first time I have written a post on a product that I have not used, but when I saw this it was just so unique that I couldn’t resist sharing!

Many of us have lose more open riding space every year. In the 23 years that I have lived in my community in Chester county, Pa I have witnessed huge changes as more farms are developed and town limits keep expanding. This means riding on roads becomes inevitable. While some drivers are considerate and give you space, many just speed by without a second thought. I’ve had my share of close calls so I took a personal interest when I saw this product.

They are called “Tail-Lights” and are essentially strings of LED lighting that attach to the base of your horse’s tail with a neoprene tail wrap. Their purpose is to provide high visibility lighting that will be noticed by drivers. They look pretty cool too and come in a variety of colors. The lights are powered with a battery that is roughly the size of a cell phone, so you do have a wire that runs from the tail wrap to a pack attached to your saddle.

The founder of the company is Sami Gros, a California equestrian. The whole project started when Sami was involved in an accident where a car struck her friend and Sami’s horse, who her friend was riding at the time. Sami decided to make a difference by designing a product to increase visibility for riders, and so Tail-Lights was born.

The project is currently on kickstarter, a website that helps euntreprenuers raise the capital they need to start new projects. The Tail-Lights project has raised over 17% of its $100,000 goal so far, with 31 days to go.

I hope this new product gets to market, and it will be exciting to see if we can find Tail-Lights in our local tack store next year. If you want more info on Tail-Lights or are interested in getting involved in the Kickstarter campaign, go to



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