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Ariat Sutter Baker Clogs

SAMSUNG I thought I would do this review on a product you can use outside of the barn, but that still has some equestrian flair, and is made by one of my favorite brands! After all, the equestrian look has been in high fashion for some time now!

My favorite pair of shoes for looking casual, but still classy, outside of the barn are my Ariat Sutter Baker Clogs. These clogs are super comfortable, break in well, and look great with a pair of jeans. I love the subtle Baker plaid on the top, but Ariat offers other styles in their clog as well if you don’t go for the plaid! The clogs offer the same ATS technology as Ariat’s paddock boots and other footwear, and I can attest to the fact that the ATS tech does keep you comfortable, even if you are on your feet all day.

Personally, I prefer Ariat’s clogs over the popular Danskos. I find the Ariat clogs to be less bulky and they just fit me better. I have always had a pair of clogs to wear outside the barn, but the Ariat’s I got last year are my favorite pair yet!

I believe Ariat may have discontinued the Sutter Baker line, but you can still find them for sale with a web search or go to this site:

You can also visit, search for clogs, and check out all the new styles and leather colors available.


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