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Winner of the Rider’s Rescue Rub Giveaway

download Today we are announcing the winner of the Rider’s Rescue Rub giveaway. Rose Thompson shared her story of an equestrian calamity involving bees and Willow from Rider’s Rescue Rub chose it as the winner! Thank you to everyone for their submissions and congradulations Rose!

Here is the story so you can all enjoy – “My biggest crash broke my nose and did a number on my neck. My horse ran into some bees while we were on a small cliff. After a few bucks, I was turned into a human spear and ended up doing a real face plant. luckily my helmet stayed on but when you end up landing on your face it doesn’t help a whole lot. My first day of college was the next day and I am sure a few professors thought I was in an abusive relationship. Now that I think about it – I guess I kind of was!”

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this giveaway and have a great weekend!

Here is another link to Rider’s Rescue Rub,, and if you missed the review of this product, read it here:



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