The education I offer through my online courses and programs is unique. First, I strive to provide better free content that is better than what the content that many others sell. Second, my paid programs are designed to help you find results through high quality video, clear instruction, and multiple ways of learning through watching, completing worksheets, and participating in live online and on site events.

I currently offer four paid programs, and each was developed to help solve the problems and challenges that we all face when learning to ride and train or caring for horses, whether that problem is working through a behavioral issue, mastering a new riding skill, or becoming a more confident rider.

Please browse the programs available below, then contact me with any questions you may have.

Thanks, Callie


Balanced Riding Course

If you are like many of the riders I work with every day, you struggle with having real confidence in your skills and your knowledge of horses. Quality riding instruction can be difficult to find, and you may find yourself feeling confused and frustrated not only with your own skills, but also with many things your horse does.

When you ride it may feel like you just can’t progress enough, you are getting stuck on the same things (probably the sitting trot and the canter). You may also be facing fear and anxiety every time you go to the barn. I noticed many riders, especially those new to horses or returning to riding after many years, struggling with these issues and I wanted to help.

This is why I have created the Balanced Riding Course, an 8-week interactive online course that is only offered several times per year. This course is designed to give you a solid foundation of both skill and knowledge in horse behavior, training theory, and effective riding.


We will be opening enrollment for the Balanced Riding Course in Spring of 2017!



Calm & Confident Rider Program

Everyone experiences fear at some point in their riding lives – whether it stems from an accident, a bad experience, or just the question of “what if?” For some this fear is short lived, for others it becomes a constant anxiety that begins to take away the magic of the riding experience. Either way, learning to manage our fear, control our anxieties, and handle adrenaline are key for all riders.

Unfortunately, fear and anxiety in riders is an issue that is not often discussed, or is handled with “just get back on the horse.” While there can be some truth to this statement, but there is also so much more we can learn to help us understand when to challenge ourselves, how to manage our feelings, and how to become Calm and Confident Riders!

In this program, I teamed up with an experienced fear and anxiety counselor, Tina O’Connor, to help you understand the psychology of your anxiety and learn strategies to manage it. I interviewed sports pyshcologist Dr. Goldberg to bring you a unique perspective on mental and emotional trauma and to teach you how to overcome the physiological effects of fear. Finally, I share fundamental riding skills that you need to feel confident and stay safe.




Training Journals

Have you ever felt like most horses featured in instructional videos are already trained – they already know what the person is demonstrating? Do you ever wonder how long it really takes to teach something new or work through a training problem? We all know the frustration of feeling completely stuck and having no idea what to do with our horse, even after hearing an experienced trainer describe a solution to our challenge.

I noticed many people struggling with how to implement concepts like training theory and I realized that there was a need for people to be able to watch training as it happens. To see exactly what to do with a horse that has problems like not standing still at the mounting block, moving hollow and braced when riding, or even just being pushy on the ground.

While I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, I love sharing what works for me and for the riders I teach, and that is exactly what I do in Training Journals.

Training Journals is a monthly membership program and features training videos with horses in all stages of training, as well as bonus materials on many other topics of training and horse care. This program was  designed to complement the Balanced Riding Course, by giving you the practice to go with the theory.


Science of Horsemanship

This course features guest instructor Angelo Telatin, competitive show jumping rider, dressage coach, professor, and equine behavior expert. Angelo presents an advanced training in horse behavior and training for any discipline using learning psychology. In this course, Angelo also teaches the “next level” of riding skills, preparing both horse and rider with a foundation of classical training presented in a way that is consistent with what science has proven regarding learning patterns of horses and humans.


Effortless Rider Course

In the Effortless Riding Course you will find solutions to your riding challenges and bring ease to your riding through understanding the mechanics of movement.

This course is taught by international clinician and instructor Wendy Murdoch. Wendy combines 30 years of teaching riding with her expertise in anatomy and movement as a Feldenkrais practitioner.
In this course, she teaches unique mounted and unmounted exercises using skeletons of both horse and rider (as well as real riders!) to give detailed instruction on the biomechanics of riding.
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