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End the Mounting Block Battle

Don’t you love when your horse walks right up to the mounting block, then just as your foot touches the stirrup, he swings his butt away and stares at you?

Or maybe you don’t even get that far because he starts trying to walk away as soon as you go to even step on the block itself!

Then there is the horse that comes right up but you only have three seconds to do a cat jump in the saddle before he’s moving off and ready to canter!

I think that not standing still for mounting may be the second most annoying horse problem next to not going on the trailer.

Today’s video gives you some tips for what to do for these mounting block issues plus I talk about why having a good experience at the mounting block is so important. Also, if you want some reading material to go with this video check out the post I wrote on this subject a few months ago. Just Click Here for the article.

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