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How to Calm Down a Hot Horse

Is your horse high energy? Always on the move, never stands still, and speeds up as soon as you relax the reins?

If you ever get frustrated with the constant energy, trust me I know the feeling! Some of love our “hot” horses – they are sensitive and can be a blast to ride. However, it can also be nice to be able to turn that energy level down a little and have a relaxed ride too. It’s not always easy to tone down a hot horse, most horses are this way out of fear, anticipation or both. It takes patience and discipline and is not going to happen in one or two sessions – but I promise it is possible!

This weeks video came from a questions from one of our readers in Canada. She has a mare that is go, go, go and needs to get rid of the constant excess energy so she can have a better ride. I know a ton of people, (including myself) that are always working through this issue, so it seemed like a great one to answer on the blog!

Two things to think about before watching this video – first, does your horse get enough turnout? If he is stuck inside and really does have a ton of extra energy to burn off, you are not going to be able to expect an attentive, quiet horse. Also, are you a nervous wreck around your horse? Or do you come to the barn totally stressed out? Horses can sense how you feel in an instant and they totally feed off your emotions. Before you start working to calm down your horse, make sure that you are calm and relaxed!

Ok, now on to the video…

What is your experience with hot horses? Do you have a horse that is all go? Any advice on how you manage this while riding or working with your horse? Please tell us in the comments!

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