What is Training Journals?

I realized that there was a need for people to be able to watch training as it happens… and see exactly what I do with a horse that has problems like not standing still at the mounting block, moving hollow and braced when riding, or even just being pushy on the ground.

I love sharing what works for me and for the riders I teach. I love finding experts in every area of the horse industry and sharing their knowledge with you as well. 

Keep reading to learn about everything that is included in a Training Journals Membership.


Real Life Training as it Happens
See how horses really learn

  • Many videos teaching riding or horsemanship skills show horses that are already well trained, and while this can be helpful to understanding what something is supposed to look like it is diffucult to then address the inevitable challenges that will come up when you work with your own horse
  • Training Journals shows horses being asked to do something for the first time (as well as the rest of the training process)- so it is new to them and you can watch their reactions and what I do to get the correct response
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Videos from a Variety of Different Horses
All ages and experience levels

  • Different horses can react in unique ways to the same situation. For example, some horses will easily become excited and may be more reactive, while others may get distracted, or some may become pushy when they don't know what to do.
  • Training is never as simple as "do steps 1,2,3" - we often have to change our approach, try different techniques, and find a way to show that horse what we are asking for. I don't claim to know the perfect thing to do for every situation, but I  do learn something new from every horse I work with, and now I want to share that learning with you.
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In-Depth Information on a Variety of Topics
Our monthly "deep-dive"

  • Training Journals is more than just training, there are so may subjects that we need to be educated on to be good riders and horse owners. Topics like equine nutrition, hoof care, choosing a saddle, first aid, and many more. In Training Journals, we cover many of these topics in our Deep Dive Mini Courses.
  • Current Deep Dive topics featured on Training Journals include saddle fitting, body work, and equine nutrition, and hoof care.
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Ability to Ask Questions
Just like my online courses, Training Journals is interactive

  • You can ask questions and post your thoughts after every video, research shows that we learn more when we can be interactive!
  • Get to know other members and discuss training issues or challenges in the comments
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Still Not Sure? Here are some common Questions

Read through the Q & A below to find out more about the benefits of being a Training Journals Member


What's Different About Training Journals?

Of course, Training journals is unique in featuring the training progress of different horses over time, whether it is a month or a year, however, Training Journals is also about the LEARNING PROCESS. 

If you want to learn and improve at something, it helps to have community and mentors. One of the main benefits of Training Journals is being a constant resource for you with new information and resources as well as a community of like minded people.


What Problems or Training Topics are Covered?

There is currently a library of over 100 videos, with more being added each month, on a variety of topics such as not standing still at the mounting block, moving stiff and hollow, learning to jump, trail riding, beginning clicker training, and more!


What if I need to End my Membership?

No problem - simply send me an email or give me a call and I can cancel your membership so you won't be billed again.


What if I don't own a horse?

Many of our current members do not yet have their own horse, they use Training Journals to help their riding and interaction with the horses they ride during weekly lessons. 

They also enjoy the deep dive topics to become educated on a variety of horse care and management issues. 


What Bonuses are Included?

Here are the bonus materials included with your Training Journals Membership:

1. The Horse Record Sheet - Track your Horse's Physical Progress as Training Progresses

2. Behavior Maps - Understand and Follow a Logical Order of Training

3. Private Facebook Group - Connect with other CRK Training Course Members to Get Help with Problems, Share Your Progress, and Celebrate Success

4. Monthly Q & A Calls - Live online webinars where I answer your questions and share new concepts or strategies that I am learning

5. LIMITED BONUS: The Customizeable Training Journal
Printed copies available to New US members and
Digital copies available to New International members


Money Back Guarantee

All the risk is mine, because you if you don't like Training Journals for any reason, you can return it for a full refund. You can even keep the journal and any other downloaded bonus materials. 


Still have a Question?

Email me at crktrainingvideos@gmail.com or call me at 484-364-9579. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you still have! 

I would also love to see you in Training Journals - Choose your membership and start today!

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