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Handling Hooves

I have received quite a few questions lately regarding difficulties with picking up and cleaning out horses hooves. In my experience teaching new riders, this is an unnerving chore for many people, as well as a skill that requires trust and training on the part of the horse. So don’t worry if you are having

Young Horses

This is just a short post – I wrote a longer one on a different topic, then decided I needed some pictures for it before I publish – so I wrote this one to keep everyone entertained in the meantime! I just got a new yearling (coming two-year old) in on the farm to be

Horse Buying – Where to Look

Over the next week, I plan to do a series of posts on horse buying and selling. This first one will cover where to look for a horse, the pros and cons of buying privately vs. at a sale and what to expect in prices. In the following posts, I will go over what to

Feeding Your Horse in the Winter

As the temperatures drop, you may notice your horse’s weight dropping as well. It is important to be extra watchful of your horse’s body condition in the winter months because most of the natural forage is gone, and he is burning extra calories to stay warm in the winter weather. Take a close look at

Horse Selling and Marketing

This post is for those who need to sell their horse. Whether you are having to part with a long time companion or just selling a project horse, it is important to know where to advertise, how to present your horse for sale and what to expect from the whole process in general. The first

Horse Buying 2 – What to Look For

So you are ready to go horse shopping, but feel lost as to what to look for? Before you go to any sales or make any appointments to look at horses, first ask yourself a few questions. These are the top areas to evaluate in your potential new horse: type, temperament, soundness and health. Start

Standing Still While Mounting

Being able to have your horse stand quietly as you mount seems as though it should be a given, an easy task in the process of riding, and whether your horse moves off as you first step onto the block, or as soon as your foot hits the stirrup, you fight to keep your balance

Gear Up for Cold Weather Riding

When the thermometer starts to drop many people quickly lose their motivation for riding, but with the right gear, there is no need to stop because of snow flurries or a little wind! I am admittedly not a cold weather person myself, but have always continued to ride so here is what I have found

Moving off Leg and Lateral Work

Most riders, especially those who do any kind of arena work, are familiar with the concept that a horse should “move off your leg.” This simply means that the horse easily moves laterally away from leg pressure instead of leaning into the pressure or darting forward. A horse that easily moves off leg is a

First Trail Rides

If you have a young horse, or an older one that does not have trail experience you want to start them trail riding the right way, but giving them a good experience so they can learn to relax and enjoy being out on the trail. I start by leading the horse on a few short