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The Horse is a Mirror of Our Emotions. Is This True?

The role of the horse in human life is changing. Horses are no longer needed for transportation, or for military. Their role is no longer limited to sport or recreation. As various forms of equine-assisted therapy and coaching become popular and mainstream, we are becoming more interested in the horse for what they can teach

Does Your Horse Like to be Petted?

Touch can be connecting, soothing, reassuring, and calming. But not when it is unwanted. We love to touch our horses. They are beautiful, from their shining coats and flowing manes and tails to their soft muzzles. We love to touch our horses, however, it is important to recognize if the horse also appreciates that touch.

Horse People Have Strong Opinions – why we all want to be right

The equestrian community is one of strong opinions. What is right, and what is not. What is cruel, and what is humane. What we should do with horses and what we should not do with them.   Disagreement exists everywhere, from barefoot vs. shoeing arguments in horse care to arguments over the role of dominance

Four Riding Warm Up Exercises

Beginnings are always important. They set the tone for what comes later and the beginning of a ride is no exception. Starting out with a few moments focused on movement and breathing can help you find your alignment and balance for the ride ahead. Find a simple warm up routine that works well for you

Best Books on Riding

I love to read. One of my favorite ways to pass time (when not riding) is sprawled out on the floor with a good book. There is something special about getting lost in the pages of a book, discovering new ideas, solutions, and stories. Many times the words of an author from a book I

Competing for Fun, Goal Setting, and Skill Building

The following article was written by Julia Burdy. Julia is the Community Manager here at CRK Training. You may have seen her name and photo replying to comments and posting on the Facebook page, and if you have watched any of the videos here, you have also seen her editing work! Every Monday, we have

Solving Jumping Problems with Angelo Telatin

What causes the big 3 jumping problems? Refusals, run-outs, and rushing? Watch any lower level jumping class and you are bound to see more than a few anxious or misbehaving horses. What causes this behavior? Science and learning psychology meet jump training in this interview with equine behavior expert Dr. Angelo Telatin as he explains

Do You Do This? (Practicing Jump Position)

For many riders, preparing to jump for the first time, or working to improve their jumping, begins with spending time holding the two point position. Perhaps just standing still at first, and then at walk, trot, canter, and even over poles. Practicing this basic position is great, but there is a catch… The way many

3 Horses that Shaped My Life

There will always be special horses in our lives that shape who we are, not just as riders, but as people. Whether a first horse, a special school horse, or that challenging horse that nothing seems to work for, through the time and connection with these horses, they change us. This video was inspired by

Slow is Fast – Why Going Slow will Make You a Better Rider

It feels exciting to learn quickly, to do a lot, to add to a list of accomplishments. It feels good to work hard, to raise the jumps, canter longer, practice all the lateral movements of dressage, or get through the trail ride on the fractious horse. Even if we are anxious through the process, the