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Competing for Fun, Goal Setting, and Skill Building

The following article was written by Julia Burdy. Julia is the Community Manager here at CRK Training. You may have seen her name and photo replying to comments and posting on the Facebook page, and if you have watched any of the videos here, you have also seen her editing work! Every Monday, we have

Why Horses Are Good For Us – Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard

Guest Post by Chelsy Ranard Riding a horse through the wilderness is a lot different than walking through the wilderness. Brushing your horse, feeding them a treat, or just spending time around them is a lot different than spending that time alone or with others. There’s just something about riding your horse, interacting with them,

Tips on Lungeing Safety

Lunging can be a beneficial exercise for both horse and handler when done safely and properly, but accidents can happen quickly. In this video I show you how to stay safe. Here are the three main points we are going to discuss: 1. How to avoid getting you or your horse tangled in the lunge