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Training Self Carriage in the way Horses Learn with Angelo Telatin

Whether jumping down a line, practicing dressage, or riding down the trail, we all want our horses to move with balance.

We want them to be able to carry us with rhythm and ease, without slowing down, speeding up, rushing, throwing their head up, etc.

Self carriage is where the horse can carry themselves this way without our constant intervention, without us hauling on the reins or kicking constantly in an attempt to keep them “in frame”.

In this video with accomplished Show Jumper, Dressage coach, and PhD of Equine Behavior, Angelo Telatin will explain how to teach self carriage, not through pulling and kicking and “more leg”, but by understanding how the horse learns and helping them find this better balance.

If you would like to learn more from Angelo, check out Building the Showjumper, where science and learning psychology meet classical jump training.

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