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Using Your Seat to Ride

Every rider has heard the old line given as a 10 second riding lesson at many of the rent a horse to go trail riding places. Kick to go, and pull to stop. Well good riding actually has a lot more finesse than that – and isn’t quite so simple either.

In this week’s post, I show you how to ride from your seat – essentially using your seat to give cues and direct your horse’s movement. The best part is that horses naturally want to follow our movement – it isn’t comfortable for them to move if we are tense or stiff in the saddle. So this means that we can go forward, turn, or stop just by how we move our hips and how we relax or tighten our core muscles. This does take time to master, and the more you achieve “independent aids” (which simply means that you can move one body part without everything else moving around too) the easier this will come.

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