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Better Riding Archive

Get Back on the Horse? 3 times NOT to do this

“Get back on the horse” isn’t just advice for riders, it’s become a saying for not giving up, being brave, and being resilient. But is getting back on always the best advice? In this video, I am going to share three times when you should NOT get back on the horse. One, even two of

How to Use the “Right” Cue at the Right Time

Outside leg, inside rein, less hand, lift the rein… How do you know which cue to use when to communicate with your horse from the saddle? How do the great riders seem to do so little, and get such clear responses from their horse? In today’s video, I describe the concept of becoming “fluent” in

Finding the ‘Right’ Stirrup Length

Are your stirrups too long? Are they too short? What actually is the right length for our stirrups? In today’s video, I’ll give you both the simple answer to this, and a few easy tips to determine your stirrup length. The full answer to what is the right stirrup length is a bit more complex

5 Questions to Ask Your Riding Instructor

Whether you are just learning to ride or honing your skills, having the right instructor is crucial to a great experience. I have been publishing riding education online since 2012, and am passionate about helping riders, whether they have a great local instructor and want more out of their lessons, live in an area where

How to Hold and Use a Whip While Riding

If you have ever ridden with a whip or riding crop and found it frustratingly difficult to just hold both the reins and the whip, let alone use either effectively to communicate with your horse, today’s video will be invaluable for you. I will share how and where to hold the whip that you may

Improve Your Riding – Even When You Can’t Ride

If you love riding, it probably feels as though you never get enough time in the saddle. Especially right now, as many barns are just reopening, and clinics, lessons, and shows have been canceled. There are so many priorities to pull our attention, but what if you could anchor your day with a few simple

Where Should Your Foot Be in the Stirrup?

It is often the small changes in our riding that can make the biggest difference. A shift in one part of our body can affect so many other areas, but many of these smaller details or nuances about riding aren’t taught in regular riding lessons and may even seem counter-intuitive in the beginning. Today, we

Take an Extra 5 Minutes to Change Your Ride

Today, I have a simple challenge for you. We all have times where we rush through life. We go through the motions of our day without pausing to take in the moments, and fully experience what we are doing. When we do this with our horse, and during our riding time, we miss opportunities for

How to Safely Expand Your Comfort Zone

Get back on the horse Just get over it – push through Stop being so afraid These are the kinds of messages we are told (or we tell ourselves) about how we should respond to fear. The common narrative is that to improve, we need to be outside our comfort zone. But here is the

Balance of Learning and Illusions of Progress

Progress makes us feel good. It makes us feel accomplished and proud. But when we want to truly improve, to master a skill, to do something we could not do before, we need to be careful that the progress is not an illusion.  There are several ways we can be deceived by the illusion of