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Better Riding Archive

Improve Your Riding – Even When You Can’t Ride

If you love riding, it probably feels as though you never get enough time in the saddle. Especially right now, as many barns are just reopening, and clinics, lessons, and shows have been canceled. There are so many priorities to pull our attention, but what if you could anchor your day with a few simple

Where Should Your Foot Be in the Stirrup?

It is often the small changes in our riding that can make the biggest difference. A shift in one part of our body can affect so many other areas, but many of these smaller details or nuances about riding aren’t taught in regular riding lessons and may even seem counter-intuitive in the beginning. Today, we

Take an Extra 5 Minutes to Change Your Ride

Today, I have a simple challenge for you. We all have times where we rush through life. We go through the motions of our day without pausing to take in the moments, and fully experience what we are doing. When we do this with our horse, and during our riding time, we miss opportunities for

How to Safely Expand Your Comfort Zone

Get back on the horse Just get over it – push through Stop being so afraid These are the kinds of messages we are told (or we tell ourselves) about how we should respond to fear. The common narrative is that to improve, we need to be outside our comfort zone. But here is the

Balance of Learning and Illusions of Progress

Progress makes us feel good. It makes us feel accomplished and proud. But when we want to truly improve, to master a skill, to do something we could not do before, we need to be careful that the progress is not an illusion.  There are several ways we can be deceived by the illusion of

How to Slow Down a Fast Trot

There may not be any gate more unpleasant than a fast, jarring trot. You know the feeling – where you can’t get your horse organized, and they feel bouncy, quick, and tense. The more a horse rushes around, the more anxious they become, and the faster they will go, so creating a balanced and rhythmic

Is Your Pre-Ride Ruining Your Ride?

You show up to the barn with only 15 minutes until your lesson starts. You are still frustrated over a conversation that didn’t go well at work, plus you didn’t have time to cook dinner before going out to the barn… You rush to get your horse out of the field. He doesn’t seem to

The Technique You May Not Know for Emergencies (not a one-rein stop)

One of the most widely taught emergency techniques can be very dangerous.  The truth is that this technique does have it’s place, and it can be effective done well. But doing it well is very difficult, especially if you aren’t a very experienced rider.  And when it’s not done well, this popular technique can cause,

Riding the Canter, it’s a Swing, Not a Scoop

The canter is a big stepping stone in learning to ride, especially as adults. On most horses, the canter is a different and bigger movement than walk or trot, and it’s faster too! When you are learning, riding the canter requires both figuring out the canter movement plus feeling the added adrenaline of the faster

Ancient Yoga Wisdom Applied to Modern Riders

In horsemanship, we are aware of how many elements are involved in good horsemanship. There is the health of the horse, the fit of the equipment we are using, our skills as a rider, our relationship with the horse… each matters equally, and the more educated we become as horse people, the more clearly we