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Expert Interviews Archive

Training Mustangs (+ one of the biggest mistakes everyone makes when training) with Dr. Patricia Barlow Irick

There’s a big mistake we have all made where we think we are training our horse, but actually they may be training us… essentially neither one really understands what the other thinks is happening. If you’ve ever had your dog jump on you at the door or your horse mug you for food before turning

Solving Jumping Problems with Angelo Telatin

What causes the big 3 jumping problems? Refusals, run-outs, and rushing? Watch any lower level jumping class and you are bound to see more than a few anxious or misbehaving horses. What causes this behavior? Science and learning psychology meet jump training in this interview with equine behavior expert Dr. Angelo Telatin as he explains

How to Develop a Friendship with Your Horse: An Interview with Andrea Wady

What if horses were given choice? Would they choose to engage in all the activities of training, to let us ride them? Is it even possible to provide this kind of choice, and if so, could friendship and relationship be enough for the horse to want to work with us? These are the questions that

What are the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Setting Goals?

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  ― Albert Einstein We all want to grow as equestrians, we want to get better, in our skills, in managing our internal state, for the benefit of ourselves and our horses. But to grow, we

“The Broader View of Training” Interview with an Equine Behavior Consultant

When training a horse, it is important to look at the big picture. There are many factors that influence behavior and in many cases, the resolution of a problem may require more than just “training”. This is where an equine behavior consultant can play an important role. I sat down with behavior consultant Sharon Madera

Nature or Nurture – Which Creates the Better Performance Horse & More from Equitation Science Conference

We know that a person’s childhood and early development plays a large role in their beliefs and behavior as an adult. Could the same be true for our horses? Does the length of time they spend with their dam, their interaction with other horses, and their early experiences shape the “horse they become?” This is

“Girthy” Horses, the Lick & Chew, Rider Strength & More: Equitation Science Conference

I just arrived home today after a beautiful 10 days in Italy. It was one of those trips that I could say, when asked the reason for my visit at the customs booth, was “for work,” although I feel lucky to be able to call what I do work. The 14th Annual Conference for the

Putting Relationship First – Lessons from Equine-Assisted Therapy

Horses have played a integral role in human life and society for years, providing transportation, carrying us through war, helping us work the land in farming, providing sport and entertainment. But perhaps today, their role is shifting, as horses today provide us with companionship and even healing… Equine therapy has risen in popularity, and for

Angelo Telatin and Wendy Murdoch: Starting Riders, Teacher’s Responsibility, Defining Moments

I love collaboration. The idea that two minds are stronger than one. A few weeks ago I introduced two minds, two people, that have had a huge impact on my riding, training, and teaching – Angelo Telatin and Wendy Murdoch. These are two instructors that I have worked with for years separately and I often

What’s Different About Gaited Horses?

Do gaited horses need to be ridden differently than “regular” horses? Should they be trained differently? These are questions I’m often asked, so I went to the expert – Larry Whitesell of Gaited Horsemanship. *** My focus as a trainer has been on understanding and solving behavior problems versus training for peak performance or competitive