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Horse Care Archive

3 Stretches for Your Horse – Great for After a Ride

When our horse feels good physically, they can enjoy the ride too. The most special part of riding is the connection we create with our horses, and one facet of that connection is helping them feel the best they can. Riding, even at a basic level, asks a lot from the horse. They weren’t designed

What’s In a Horse First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. From cuts and scrapes to fever and lameness, a hoof abscess or a puncture wound, being prepared can make all the difference. With the right supplies, you can treat small problems on your own, and you can be ready to handle emergencies until the vet arrives. A good first aid kit is essential

Going Through a Gate Safely

Accidents do not only happen while riding. They can happen at anytime, sometimes while doing the most mundane of tasks. Staying safe involves a combination of both skills and awareness. This is true for our riding, but also true for a chore as simple as moving a horse through a gate. When moving through a

4 Common Signs Your Saddle Does Not Fit

Saddle fit is a big issue for horses and riders, playing an important role in the comfort of both during a ride. Many problems are caused by the saddle not fitting well, but that means they can also be solved when a better fit is found! Discomfort is a big factor behind many behavior problems,

Horse Terminology: Learn the Parts of the Horse

Let’s go back to a basic lesson in horsemanship, one that you would have gotten at any pony club or horse camp as a kid… Parts of the Horse! This is a lesson that is just as important for adult riders as it is for kids. Knowing the parts of the horse will allow you

Giving an Eye Medication with Positive Reinforcement

It’s an unfortunate part of horse care and ownership, but horses do get sick and injured. When they do, the treatment process can be quite a challenge. Most medical procedures, whether that is giving a drug orally or through injection, cleaning a wound, or applying a bandage, are inherently an unpleasant experience for the horse.

When to Blanket Your Horse

Blanketing is a tricky topic in horse care. As owners, we want to provide our horses with the best care possible. We feel good seeing them in a clean stall, wrapped in a cozy blanket… But is this what our horse would choose also? As my answer often goes for many questions, “it depends”. Blanketing

The Importance of Turnout & The Dangers of Stall Confinement

I have always felt strongly about the importance of turnout for horses. I think horses are happier and healthier when they have the freedom to move around, socialize with other horses, roll in the dirt, and generally just be a horse! Just as chronic stress can create many problems for humans, the stress of confinement

Mares, Geldings, or Stallions?

The question of which will make a better riding horse – a mare or a gelding is often debated among horse people. Some feel so strongly about this that they will only allow geldings in their barn, believing mares are too moody and temperamental. While there are differences between mares, geldings, and stallions, a horse’s

Horse Feeding Myths Discussed with Dr. Staniar

When the topics of horse feeding and equine nutrition are discussed among horse people, opinions can vary greatly and fact and fiction may sometimes get confused. A  few weeks ago I surveyed members of my Training Journals course asking what questions they had regarding nutrition and what to feed their horse. Several questions came up more