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Horse Care Archive

Interview with Petra McGowan of Ecolicious Equestrian

Last year, I was introduced to a new product line for horse owners – an all-natural, environmentally friendly collection of horse care products that includes everything from shampoos to mane and tail detanglers. I loved not just the idea but also the products themselves, because unlike some other natural alternatives I had tried, these products

How to Halter a Horse

I know this is a basic topic, but addressing the little details of horsemanship that are often overlooked or not well-explained is what my blog is all about! I have received several emails lately where people have shared that their biggest problem is haltering. Either they just feel awkward trying to put it on, or

Horse Boots Explained

After posting the video on applying wraps last month, I received several questions about horse boots – when should boots be used, what kind is best, and how do you put them on? So I dug through my boxes at the barn and picked out a few popular styles of boots to talk about in

Tips for Administering Dewormer or Other Oral Medications

We’ve all had the pleasure of needing to give a dewormer or other type of oral medication to our horse and ended up with the paste or liquid all over ourselves or the floor while fighting with our horses to keep that tube in their mouth long enough to push the plunger. If you haven’t

How to Wrap a Horse’s Legs – Standing Wraps and Polo Wraps

In this video we are going to review a basic skill in horse management – leg wraps! I will show you how to apply standing wraps, which are used to protect an injury, prevent stocking up, or support a horse’s legs during shipping. I will talk about and demonstrate how and when to use polo

Practical Horse Nutrition

Friday has rolled around again! I am so excited to share today’s video with you because it is another segment in our series of expert interviews, and this is a topic that anyone who owns a horse or who plans to own a horse needs to be educated on – feeding and nutrition. In today’s

Caring for Your Horse in Winter

This isn’t actually a review post, but I thought it would still be helpful information this time of year. When the snow starts flying, and the temperatures drop there are several things you need to watch for and keep in mind regarding the care of your horse. The first, and most obvious concern is that

Find the Best Home for Your Horse

Sometimes it seems that for as many good boarding facilities operating, there are just as many bad ones. I used to board too, so here are my tips for finding a quality home for your horse. · Clean and tidy – if the barn area is unkempt with junk and clutter then it is likely

Handling Hooves

I have received quite a few questions lately regarding difficulties with picking up and cleaning out horses hooves. In my experience teaching new riders, this is an unnerving chore for many people, as well as a skill that requires trust and training on the part of the horse. So don’t worry if you are having

Feeding Your Horse in the Winter

As the temperatures drop, you may notice your horse’s weight dropping as well. It is important to be extra watchful of your horse’s body condition in the winter months because most of the natural forage is gone, and he is burning extra calories to stay warm in the winter weather. Take a close look at