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Horse Care Archive

Horse Selling and Marketing

This post is for those who need to sell their horse. Whether you are having to part with a long time companion or just selling a project horse, it is important to know where to advertise, how to present your horse for sale and what to expect from the whole process in general. The first

Horse Buying 2 – What to Look For

So you are ready to go horse shopping, but feel lost as to what to look for? Before you go to any sales or make any appointments to look at horses, first ask yourself a few questions. These are the top areas to evaluate in your potential new horse: type, temperament, soundness and health. Start

Lip Blisters and Lesions

This past week, I had three clients notice that their horses were becoming difficult to bridle, and on closer inspection found that the horses lips were raw and irritated, the gums were red and inflamed, and there were several large lesions on the inside of the front lips. We were all stumped what was causing