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Book Reviews Archive

Best Books for Learning to Train Horses

Recently I received an email from a student in one of my courses asking what my favorite riding or training books were and if I could recommend a reading list. I do love to read and thought it would be a great idea to share some of my favorite books with you! I’m often reading

Book Review: The Mind of the Horse

How intelligent are horses? How do they think and how do they view the world? What are their cognitive abilities? These are questions that are essential to making our interaction with and training of horses better, but seem to rarely be asked outside of the scientific community. As I strive to make my training more

Book Review: Reaching the Animal Mind

I have been a fan of Karen Pryor’s work ever since reading her first book, Don’t Shoot the Dog. Karen has an excellent way of describing how learning happens and how different training methods work. In Don’t Shoot the Dog, she does a great job of describing and giving many examples of positive and negative

Book Review: The Power of the Herd

I am adding another title to my list of all-time favorite horse books, and it is The Power of Herd, a Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation written by Linda Kohanov. Linda has authored several other books, her most popular being The Tao of Equus (which is also on my reading list!) Linda

Book Review: Animals in Translation

I have several animal behavior and horse training books that I will be reading and reviewing for you in the upcoming weeks. With all the winter weather we’ve been having it’s a good time to catch up on reading! This book gives excellent insights into animal behavior and how animals think, and is written by

Book Review: Communicating with Animals by Margarit Coates

Have you ever had a special connection with an animal where, even for just an instant, it seemed as if they were reading your mind? Or have you ever longed for a deeper relationship with your horse, dog, cat, or any other creature? I know I am always searching for a better way to be

Don’t Shoot the Dog

Can you train a chicken to dance, or a rat to run an obstacle course? Karen Pryor has done both and she is the author of Don’t Shoot the Dog, a highly reviewed book on the science of behavior and the use of positive reinforcement in training. I recently read this book and it changed

Centered Riding

My favorite riding book to date is Centered Riding by Sally Swift. I found the examples in this book, while sometimes strange, really helped me visualize and feel how I was balanced and how my horse was moving under me. I believe that this book can be very helpful for both beginning and experienced riders. Sally Swift

Dancing with Your Dark Horse

One of my clients recently gave me several excellent horse books to read. I find traveling to be the perfect time to catch up on reading, so on my three flight trip to Vegas last Saturday I read through “Dancing with Your Dark Horse” by Chris Irwin. I will admit that I had never heard