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Care & Grooming Archive

Wunder Hoof

There is an old saying “no hoof, no horse,” and I believe this rings true for most horse owners. Hoof problems can cause discomfort for our horses, plus headaches and missed rides for us. Healthy hoof growth is the foundation of a healthy hoof and good growth can be supported in several ways, including quality

Hoof Armor Review

As I have mentioned in other posts, I prefer to keep my horses barefoot whenever possible. I simply feel that is healthier for their feet and better for their natural movement. Sometimes barefoot can be a challenge, though. We have to keep in mind that the horses will need some time for the foot to

Hay Nets vs. Hay Bags

Which is better to use, a hay net or a hay bag? I have both around my barn and, in today’s post, will explain when I use each one. Let me start by defining hay nets vs. bags in case you aren’t sure what the difference is. A hay net is made of rope tied

All Natural Shampoo, Conditioner, and Whitening Treatment

This is the second review of the products I received from Ecolicious Equestrian. If you missed the first post, Ecolicious is a company that provides natural and earth friendly grooming and equine care products. In that first post, I shared what I liked about the first two products I tested, De-Stress and In Control. Both

EcoLicious Equestrian – all natural Horse Care

This week I had the opportunity to try out several products in a unique line of all natural horse care called EcoLicious. The company was started by founder Petra, who combined her love for horses with her knowledge and passion for being green – avoiding toxic materials to help protect humans, horses, and the environment.

What is Your Favorite Horse Treat?

Feeding horses treats can be a controversial topic, however there are cases when I feel treats can be beneficial in training. In fact, I personally believe that treats are best used in training situations, instead of just fed on the owner’s whim, or at the end of a ride, when a horse will no longer

Mane Rake Review

This week I was reminded of one of my all time favorite grooming tools. It saves time, sore fingers, and grumpy horses. What is this tool? The mane rake. Even though I rarely go to horse shows anymore, I still love the appearance of a neatly pulled mane. I feel it makes a horse’s neck

Thrush Treatment Reviews

Thrush. That black, gooey, foul smelling gunk that appears around a horse’s frog and heels. Thrush is a bacterial infection caused by a bacteria that occurs naturally in our horse’s environment but grows best in low oxygen, moist places. This means that horses are most likely to develop thrush when their feet stay wet and

Review of Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover

It’s a lot harder to give your horse a bath in the winter, but their long winter coats hold plenty of dirt, and can still get some really nasty stains. Just using a towel and water helps, but isn’t quite enough to get through tough stains. I have used a number of waterless shampoos, but

Rain Rot Treatments

It’s that time of year again, fuzzy winter coats and rainy days can quickly set the stage for rain rot. What is rain rot? Rain rot occurs most often on the back and rump and is characterized by matted hair and bumps which turn into crusty scabs and lesions. The area is often very tender