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Footwear Archive

Essential Cold Weather Riding Apparel Tips

Article Courtesy of Ashley Snell from Dover Saddlery Before you climb into the saddle for a wintertime horse ride, there are essential clothing items you’ll want to have on to keep you safe, comfortable and warm. While it’s important to dress for safety and warmth, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo fashion. The equestrian

Bick 4 Leather Care Review

I’m picky when it comes to my leather care, and I will often use different leather care products for different items. For example, when it comes to tack and barn boots I love Leather Therapy products, their cleaner and conditioner work great together. But for my leather goods that don’t get used quite so hard,

Dublin Husk Boots Review

For Christmas this year, I got a surprise gift from my boyfriend – a pair of Dublin Husk Boots. I hadn’t asked for them, but he is great at knowing my style, because among the selection of knee high winter boots available right, these would have been my pick! The Husk boots are a new

Ariat Windermere Boots

I know I review a lot of Ariat boots on here, but what can I say – I love their footwear! The Windmere boots are no exception. Now I have to start this review with a little bad news, which is that these boots have actually been discontinued by Ariat. But don’t let that deter

Ariat Terrain Boots

Between riding horses and teaching lessons I am on my feet for the majority of the day, and I need a pair of boots that can stand up to that much wear and tear, plus the abuse of getting wet and drying out again several times each day as I am bathing horses or walking

Ariat Sutter Baker Clogs

I thought I would do this review on a product you can use outside of the barn, but that still has some equestrian flair, and is made by one of my favorite brands! After all, the equestrian look has been in high fashion for some time now! My favorite pair of shoes for looking casual,