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Fun Stuff Archive

Shakeology – Better Nutrition for On-the-Go Equestrians?

I usually don’t go into my personal life much on my blogs, but today I will make one personal confession. I’m a bit of a health nut. I just enjoy eating healthy, staying fit, and the energy I have from my daily health practices. Being fit is especially important for us riders because the horse

Winner of the Rider’s Rescue Rub Giveaway

Today we are announcing the winner of the Rider’s Rescue Rub giveaway. Rose Thompson shared her story of an equestrian calamity involving bees and Willow from Rider’s Rescue Rub chose it as the winner! Thank you to everyone for their submissions and congradulations Rose! Here is the story so you can all enjoy – “My

Rocky Mountain Rider’s Rescue Rub Review… and Giveaway!

First off… I challenge you to say the title of this post 10 times fast! Ok, now to the real review! Just before Christmas, I was contacted by Willow Mainprize, owner and founder of a company called Rocky Mountain Botanicals. She asked if I would be willing to test and review a product called Rocky

Staying Warm with Chemistry – Hand Warmer Review

Need a little extra help keeping fingers and toes warm on the coldest days? Hand and toe warmers can generate enough heat to make the difference between feeling comfortable or having stiff, cold extremities. If you haven’t seen hand or toe warmers before, they are little packets that you remove from a plastic wrapping, shake

Tail-Lights Review

This is the first time I have written a post on a product that I have not used, but when I saw this it was just so unique that I couldn’t resist sharing! Many of us have lose more open riding space every year. In the 23 years that I have lived in my community

Custom Gift Idea for the Holidays – Artist Interview

Looking for a unique and original Christmas gift this season? A friend of mine is a truly gifted artist, and she is offering a new piece of art for the holiday season. Quality glass ornaments handpainted to your request. You can have an ornament customized with a painting of someone’s cat, dog, or (obviously) their