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All Natural Shampoo, Conditioner, and Whitening Treatment

blinded by the white sm This is the second review of the products I received from Ecolicious Equestrian. If you missed the first post, Ecolicious is a company that provides natural and earth friendly grooming and equine care products.

In that first post, I shared what I liked about the first two products I tested, De-Stress and In Control. Both were mane and tail care products, and De-Stress has held its spot as my favorite Ecolicious product so far, you can read that review here.

The next three products I tried out were Green & Squeaky Clean, Silky, and Blinded by the White. Green and Squeaky Clean is a shampoo and it worked very well. I used it to wash mud and manure stains off one of my horse’s legs before making a video for the CRK Training Blog. Green & Squeaky Clean contains coconut ingredients, silk powder, and tea tree oil to provide cleansing as well as antibacterial and antifungal properties.

I will admit I don’t often use a conditioner after bathing my horses, but I found that using Silky, a rinse out conditioner, worked similar to using conditioner in my own hair. It made the tail feel softer and much easier to comb out, even while it was still wet. (Full disclosure I only conditioned the tail, it has just been too cold to bathe my horses whole bodies.) Silky contains glycerine and organic hemp oil, and the fatty acids in these ingredients are what works to moisturize and condition the hair.

The last product I tested from Ecolicious was Blinded by the White, and I have never used a whitening treatment such as this one before, so I looked up the Ecolicious website to make sure I used it correctly. I decided to just copy the instructions for you here:
For best result start with our Squeaky Green Shampoo. Once your horse is dry, apply Blinded by the White. Vigorously rub into stains and leave in for at least 30 minutes. Aluminum foil can be used to wrap around your horse’s socks or tails. For stained tails, generously rub into the hair, wrap tail in aluminum foil and leave in. For extra-stained tails leave in overnight. Once dry, scrub again and rinse out. May be used as a touch up before entering the show ring. No need to rinse.

I haven’t been able to try it out on a tail yet, but I did test it out on white socks, and was surprised how well it actually worked. It is an extra step over just using a whitening shampoo, but it won’t turn your horse purple if you leave it in too long! Lemon juice and lemon peel oil are the whitening ingredients, plus it has glycerin in it as well. Like all the other Ecolicious products, it has a very fresh, inviting smell.

I hope you have enjoyed these two reviews on Ecolicious as much as I enjoyed trying out the products! I still have the second Mini’s Combo pack containing all five of the products I tested to giveaway to a lucky reader. You have the end of the day today to send me a picture of your dirty horse to win!


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