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Buckeye Nutrition

I have always had a keen interest in the subject of Nutrition, both for myself and my horses. One of my favorite classes at Penn State was Equine Nutrition. So I have always really kept an eye on all the horses under my care at Honey Brook Stables, and have prided myself on keeping everyone “fat and happy” while still being cautious about overfeeding starches and sugars. However, last winter things got challenging for some reason. I had several horses that lost weight and just were not able to gain it back. And several other horses were ok in body weight, but their hair just looked dull – it was obvious something was missing nutritionally.

At the time, I was feeding good quality hay with a sweet feed 12% protein, 8% fat mix from a local mill. I decided it was time to try something else so I contacted a local nutritionist. The nutritionist and a feed rep from Buckeye came out as part of a free service provided by the Buckeye distributor. They recommended a feeding program of Buckeye’s Gro & Win product, with Buckeye’s Ultimate Finish added in for the horses that needed a boost in weight. What was most distinctly different about Buckeye’s program is that the volume of feed I was giving decreased dramatically. I have always believed in quality over quantity and the Gro & Win feed came in at a whopping 32% protein and 5% fat. So even though the bags of Gro & Win were quite a bit pricier than the local sweet feed mix, when I did all the math, it was actually cheaper to feed the Buckeye products. In fact, there is a calculator at their website,, that you can use to get the per day cost for your horse.

Now what I really want to tell you about is how impressed I was by Buckeye’s Ultimate Finish feed. So the Ultimate Finish is high fat feed, they actually offer three Ultimate Finish products with fat levels 25, 40, and 100%. I use the 25% product. It is made with a blend of oils from flaxseed, soybean, and rice bran. Now I fed this to several horses with really good results, but one case stood out.

Mikey came to me about 3 months ago, he had been abandoned by his owner at a boarding barn which had in turn basically stopped feeding him. A friend of mine took him and was able to put some weight on him in the few weeks she had him but he still had a long way to go – he was very ribby, hip bones protruded, and his coat was horrible, a lot of hair had fallen out due to weird skin infection caused in part by his malnutrition. As soon as he arrived at my farm, we put him on a program of 4lbs Gro & Win with 2lbs Ultimate Finish daily. Immediately his weight started to improve, but 2 months in he was a different horse! He went from about a low 4D on the body condition scale to a healthy 5B. You can see the difference in the pictures below.

Mikey Before

Mikey After

So bottom line, I have been very impressed by Buckeye’s products and would not hesitate to recommend them. Buckeye also offers excellent customer service through their feed reps, and it’s obvious that they really care for both their two and four legged customers.

If you are local to the Chester County, Pa area, I would recommend contacting Robert Croteau from Stoltzfus Feed Mill. His email is and phone number is 717-808-6260. Make sure to mention that you heard about Buckeye Nutrition on Happy Horse Reviews!


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