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Fieblings Satin Sheen

1002330_10151737952912660_518798621_n Now here is one product where I do opt for the cheaper version – my detangler. I go through a lot of this stuff, because I make it part of my regular grooming routine to add a few spritzes to my horse’s tails to keep them tangle free. I used to use the old standard – Show Sheen, but after experimenting with several other products, I found that Fiebling’s Satin Sheen works the same but is 15-20% less expensive.

So Fiebling’s Satin Sheen is a spray on, silicone based product that basically just makes the hair slippery so that it doesn’t tangle and is easier to untangle. If you use one of these products regularly you will also notice that it keeps your horse’s tail cleaner because that silicone coating repels dirt. So if you want a good detangling product for everyday or show prep use, I would highly recommend Fiebling Satin Sheen.


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