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Wunder Hoof

There is an old saying “no hoof, no horse,” and I believe this rings true for most horse owners. Hoof problems can cause discomfort for our horses, plus headaches and missed rides for us. Healthy hoof growth is the foundation of a healthy hoof and good growth can be supported in several ways, including quality nutrition and ample exercise. There are also a number of products on the market, both supplements and topical hoof applications that claim to increase hoof growth and promote better hoof health.  It can often be difficult to tell exactly what’s working because there are so many factors that can contribute to something such as improving hoof quality.

However, over the past two months I have been doing a trial on a product called Wunder Hoof – an all- natural cream made up of natural fats, essential oils, eucalyptus, kokum butter, and camphor. Besides being designed to promote hoof growth and quality, this product also has pain relieving and anti-bacterial properties thanks to its natural ingredients. Because of this it can be used other than just on the hooves – it can be applied to cuts, scrapes, or saddle sores, and even repels bugs as well.

When I tested Wunder Hoof, I used it on my new mare, Promise. Promise is a 5 year old Thoroughbred and while she is barefoot she certainly has thin walls and not-so-great feet that her breed is known for. She also has a large “hole” in the hoof wall on her left front foot, likely caused by an old abscess, and it causes her obvious discomfort when she moves in that direction at the trot or canter. I began to apply the Wunder Hoof each morning along her coronet band on each front foot. The changes didn’t happen overnight (on average it takes 6-8 months for the sides of the hoof to grow out), but there is definitely healthy growth coming in.


What I like about Wunder Hoof over other hoof products that I have used is that one, it’s all-natural, two it smells good and I can apply it with my hands, and three a little goes a very long way – this stuff lasts forever!

So while I may not have a raving success story (yet), I have certainly seen good growth and better hoof coming in for Promise. With the length of time this product lasts, it also represents a much better value than most supplements on the market.

If you are interesting in getting more information or trying some Wunder Hoof for yourself, visit the company website at



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