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Ariat Terrain Boots

Between riding horses and teaching lessons I am on my feet for the majority of the day, and I need a pair of boots that can stand up to that much wear and tear, plus the abuse of getting wet and drying out again several times each day as I am bathing horses or walking through dew covered fields.

I also need something comfortable and attractive, but at the barn comfort is definitely my number one priority. So my pick? Ariat Terrain boots. They are kind of like a leather riding sneaker, or at least that’s how they feel. They have soft leather, a tough, grippy sole and the perfect amount of heel for riding. (Not as much heel as a lot of paddock boots though, which helps with the comfort factor.) I used to always wear standard paddock boots, and I tried several different brands, but not only did I not find them very comfortable, the paddock boots would literally wear out in about six months – ridiculous! My terrain’s last much longer (especially if I remember to through a little oil on them every once in a while)!

What I also love about these boots is they are perfect for my favorite hobby, hiking. In fact, a lot of non- equestrian shoe retailers actually promote them as a hiking boot. They give me the same all day comfort out on the trail as they do in the arena.

Ariat gives you plenty of options with these boots too, they come in five different colors and a waterproof option. I always get the black ones, which aren’t advertised as water proof, but I have found they still do pretty darn well keeping my feet dry.

Terrain boots look great with a pair of jeans, and they work nicely with half chaps too. I use my terrains with a pair of Ariat’s breeze half chap, but I’ll leave them for another review!

So if want to check out a pair of Ariat Terrain Boots for yourself, I put a link below.

P.S. They come in both men and women’s sizes, plus I just saw they have a cool new zip version!



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