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Ariat Windermere Boots

0380444 I know I review a lot of Ariat boots on here, but what can I say – I love their footwear! The Windmere boots are no exception. Now I have to start this review with a little bad news, which is that these boots have actually been discontinued by Ariat. But don’t let that deter you, because you can still find Windmere’s for sale online and as long as your size is available you’ll get them at clearance prices!

So here is what I like about Windmere Boots. First of all they are comfortable enough to wear all day, like the rest of Ariat’s boot line. Second, they are waterproof, which means your feet stay dry through mud and snow. I also love the styling of these shoes, both the chestnut colored boots with the suede, and the chestnut and black boots that come with the Baker plaid pattern.

What I feel sets the Windmere boots apart from other winter boots I’ve tried is how not bulky they are. I usually don’t care to ride in winter boots but the Windmeres are thin enough that they are still great for riding. I find them very warm in the winter, but because they are not heavily insulated, they are also great for wet days during the Spring and Fall, and your feet won’t get overheated as they would with a heavy winter boot.


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