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Bick 4 Leather Care Review

IMAG0171 I’m picky when it comes to my leather care, and I will often use different leather care products for different items. For example, when it comes to tack and barn boots I love Leather Therapy products, their cleaner and conditioner work great together. But for my leather goods that don’t get used quite so hard, I have found that a lighter, creamier conditioner keeps them soft and pliable without making them greasy or darkening the color of the leather.

My favorite product for “going out” boots (like my Dublin Husks), handbags, and leather car seats is Bick 4. This product has the consistency of a hand lotion, and it doesn’t have a greasy or oily feel, but still does a great job on my leather. It is also really tough to find a leather conditioning product that doesn’t darken the leather with each use, but Bick 4 is the best I have found. It will still darken leathers slightly, especially when it’s first applied, but leather darkens naturally with age and use. Test it in a small area if you have a leather good that don’t want to darken.

There are other “Bick” leather care products available that I have tried, and they work good, but their effectiveness did not stand out to me like the Bick 4 Conditioner. If you would like to try a bottle for yourself, there are two links below for different sizes!


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