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Dublin Husk Boots Review

IMAG0170 For Christmas this year, I got a surprise gift from my boyfriend – a pair of Dublin Husk Boots. I hadn’t asked for them, but he is great at knowing my style, because among the selection of knee high winter boots available right, these would have been my pick!

The Husk boots are a new style for Dublin this year and I believe their footwear designer did a great job. They are obviously designed to be a knock off the very popular style boot from Dubarry, with dark brown leather, elastic gusset with a tie at the top, and several strips of leather sewed on the length of the boot for styling. These boots are waterproof with Dublin’s “positive traction grip” rubber outsole.

While I referred to these as winter boots, they aren’t actually insulated, but I have found them, like my pair of Ariat Windermere (Ariat discontinued this style, but you can read my review of them here) boots to still be plenty warm without the extra bulk from being insulated. They did take about two weeks to break in and get comfortable, but now they feel great. They don’t fit as snug as my Ariats but that also means that I can slip them on a lot easier. The Ariat boots can be difficult to get on and off without a shoehorn to keep the cloth part in the heel of the boot from pulling up with your foot. In comparison, the Husk boots easily slip on and off. The sizing does run slightly big, so keep that in mind if you order a pair.

I can’t really comment on these for riding yet, as I am attempting to keep them clean and looking good, so I can wear them for casual events, like barn parties or going out grocery shopping in the snow.

So that is my review of the Dublin Husk boots, but I also wanted to share this video that I found on their site. It is a recent ad video they developed, and it’s very strange, strange enough that I had to share it. On a side note, the horses in this video are trained to do some really cool things!

What did you think of the video? Tell me in the comments below!

P.S. Here are the boots on Amazon, they don’t have all the sizes available, but this is actually a good price on these. They are $249 in most of the tack shops.



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