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Careers in the Horse Industry

Many people love working with horses and dream of having a job that combines their passions with making a living. Unfortunately, I believe that many too easily dismiss the opportunities that are available within the horse industry. When most people think of a horse job, they picture a groom, trainer, or barn manager and the long hours and low pay that usually accompany these types of positions. But what about an Equine Nutrition Specialist that works for a feed company or independently as a consultant helping horse owners meet the nutritional needs of their equine companions. Or a professional saddle fitter that spends their days traveling and meeting with clients to find the perfect saddle fit for horse and rider. Alternative therapies is a field that is growing rapidly in the horse community, creating opportunities for jobs such as equine massage therapists, equine acupuncturists, and chiropractors.

If you prefer a more hands off horse job, how about equine insurance broker or editor/writer position for a magazine such as Practical Horseman. For those with technical skills, there are possibilities such as web designer or photographer. And don’t forget carpenter, farm maintenance, saddle maker, or horse transport.

If you stop and think about your talents and what you are currently doing, you can probably find a way to make a niche for yourself in the horse industry! Keep an open mind and consider all the possibilities before you think that working with horses is not a good career choice.

Do you have an interesting horse job? Tell us what it is, if you recommend it, and how to get there!

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